Taxpayers Build Wall Around Biden Beach House, As Joe Blocks Wall On Border

You just can’t make this up America.

President Joe Biden in line with other politically connected elitists is having a wall built around his home to keep criminals from gaining access to his family and assets.

Biden’s taxpayer-funded wall for his Delaware vacation home is near completion as he continues to voice his opposition to building a wall at the southern U.S. border.

Photos obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail show that construction on the wall around Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home began last week.

Basement Joe’s beach house wall, with its sticker price of $490,324, was first reportedly planned in 2021 after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) permitted a contract for “additional security barriers at the president’s private residence at the beach in Delaware,” the Daily Mail noted.

The photos show the ongoing construction of tall white fencing and gray stone pillars on the side of Biden’s home, with a half-wall of gray stone and a large black iron gate at the front of the property.

Twitter influencers pointed out the hypocrisy of Biden’s actions.

“So, walls work at Joe Biden’s beach house, but not the southern border?’ Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) tweeted.

Biden who has been taking a beating in the polls over the invasion streaming across the US/Mexico border finally paid a visit to El Pao, TX last week.

It was the first time since moving into the White House and after announcing a series of new immigration policies.

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They included continuing the Title 42 policy put in place by 45th President Donald Trump, and allowing 30,000 Cuban, Haitian, and Nicaraguan migrants to enter America monthly.

Republicans in Washington accused Biden of using the border wall built by President Trump as a “photo op.”

But as the Biden administration finally tries to paint itself as being tough on border security, remarks made by the Mexican President have challenged their narrative.

Speaking to a group of reporters this week, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told Biden, “President Biden, you are the first president of the United States in a very long time that has not built, not even one meter of wall, and that, we thank you for that, sir.”


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