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Suspected Las Vegas Serial Rapist Is An Illegal Alien From Mexico

A suspected serial rapist is finally in custody in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carlos Nava, 46, is being held in the Clark County Detention Center, accused of five sexual assaults in the Las Vegas valley.

Nava is an illegal alien who has entered the U.S. at least eight times since 2002.

Reports say that he was granted “voluntary removal” to Mexico twice and was also deported there at least twice, most recently in 2020.

In addition to ICE and CBP, Nava has had encounters with law enforcement in California, Nevada, and Arizona and has been previously convicted of battery and domestic violence.

The arrest report describes the allegations.

“On July 10, a sex worker told police that she agreed to have sex in exchange for $100 with a man who picked her up in a white truck in front of the Orleans casino. The woman told police that the man refused to stop performing a sex act, held a knife to her throat, removed a condom and sexually assaulted her, stole her money and phone, shattered a glass bottle on her head, and chased her as she tried to leave, documents said. The woman escaped and ran naked to a nearby Walgreens for help. Detectives reviewed surveillance from nearby businesses.”

Police arrested Nava 11 days later and were granted a warrant to collect a sample of his DNA and to search his vehicle, a white truck. That DNA sample reportedly connected Nava to four other unsolved sexual assault cases in the area that occurred between 2003 and 2015, all against reportedly vulnerable females.

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According to a report, police found a collection of women’s panties — 17 pairs total — that had been folded, stacked, and fastened with a rubber band were found during a search of his truck.

The alleged victim of the 2015 assault was reinterviewed last month, and she claimed that one item in Nava’s panty collection matched the kind of underwear she would have worn at the time she was attacked.

“Though rare, people who commit sexual assault-related crimes have been known to keep property belonging to victims as a trophy of the incident,” the Las Vegas Metro arrest report stated.

Police reportedly found a backpack full of latex gloves in the truck as well.

Nava is currently held on five counts of sexual assault, including against a minor under age 16, though investigators believe there are likely other victims out there.

The alleged victim in the July incident did not appear in court for Nava’s most recent hearing. The judge in the case reportedly stated that if the woman does not appear to testify in future court dates regarding the incident, that case against Nava will be dismissed.

Nava is scheduled to appear for another hearing on January 4.


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