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FINALLY! The Supreme Court To Decide If Only State Legislatures Can Set Election Rules

Some of the most significant issues that arose from COVID-19 were the actions taken by, in the name of election safety, liberal secretaries of state and state courts.

In the swing states that decided the 2020 presidential election, the election laws & rules that were previously passed by conservative state legislatures, consistent with the US Constitution, were superseded by liberal politicians and upheld by district and state supreme courts shortly before, and even after the votes were casts.

The changes included:

  • Drop boxes paid for by outside groups
  • Allowed universal mail-in voting without mandatory ID verification
  • Extended the final dates ballots could be received and counted

The US Supreme Court after the election refused to hear arguments brought by those contesting the results of the Trump campaign.

But, as the US heads back into the mid-terms and next presidential election cycle, the Supreme Court agreed in June to hear the Moore vs. Harper case related to the subject referred to as the independent state legislature theory.

This case will have huge consequences.

Breitbart reported:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear a case next term to potentially bolster the elections power of state legislatures.

The high court announced it would take up the case, known as Moore vs. Harper, brought by North Carolina’s Republican state House speaker who has challenged the state Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the legislature’s congressional maps that would have given the party an advantage through partisan gerrymandering.

The North Carolina Supreme Court in February ruled that the legislative maps, which gave Republicans as many as 11 safe districts compared to just three for Democrats, violated the state’s constitution in a 4-3 decision.

In March, the U.S. high court turned back efforts by Republicans to nullify new congressional maps approved by state court for this year’s midterm elections.

For many on the right, this is a better late than never decision by the court.

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If the court majority rules in line with the Constitution, the Democrats will not be able to authorize drop boxes, or extended and universal mail-in ballots in 2024, both of which provided millions if disputed votes for Joe Biden, swinging the election results on election day from Trump to Joe.

Their decision could be the deciding factor on whom is sworn in on January 20th, 2025.


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