Obama “Dreamer” kills/prevents the dreams of 12 Americans.

I hate stories like this. Abortion and Illegal Aliens are two issues American’s don’t want to deal with. The left has created canned phrases and scared the youth for 3 generations so they react vehemently whenever the issues are brought up and the opposing views are expressed.

Anyone can go online now and see all the stages of development, abortion procedures and even watch abortions up to 9 months. They don’t, because they can’t support abortion if they know what happens during them.

Illegal aliens rob, hurt, maim and kill tens of thousands of American citizens annually, but the left puts the “rights” of anyone to enter the USA, over the pain inflicted on the victims and families of those who manage to get in illegally. So they fight for “Jose” to be able to enter but then run after he kills someone.

Here is one of the many tragedies in 2020

From Gateway Pundit

Pelosi’s angel.

Three members of the Thin Blue Line Motorcycle club were killed and nine others injured in a crash with an illegal immigrant drunk driver in West Texas.

Ivan Robles Navejas is accused of killing the three men and injuring 9 others in the crash.

The victims were identified as Joseph Paglia, Retired Officer with the Niles City Police Dept.; Jerry Wayne Harbour, former Eastern Airline Pilot; Michael White, U.S. Army (retired).

According to The Hill Community Journal: The Thin Blue Line LE MC is described as a “law enforcement motorcycle club, whose members are active duty, retired or reserve law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies and jurisdictions, along with our civilian friends who support us in our profession. Together, we share the love of American-made motorcycles, the wind in our faces and the brotherhood of like-minded motorcyclists. As a fraternal organization, we strive to support one another, law enforcement professionals and our community. Our colors clearly identify our affiliation with law enforcement and we are bound by our oath of office and law enforcement ‘code of ethics.’ Our members reflect a positive image for our profession and our club.”

Navejas was drunk by noon on Saturday when the crash took place.

The Washington Times reported:

An illegal immigrant who stands accused of killing three motorcyclists in a drunken-driving crash last week in Texas was once a “Dreamer,” approved for the Obama-era DACA deportation amnesty in 2013, and protected from removal in 2016 despite another drunken-driving arrest.

Ivan Robles Navejas, 28, won DACA status in 2013, about the same time he was charged with resisting arrest, but his status lapsed two years later, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In 2016, he was charged with DUI and appeared on ICE’s radar, but the agency didn’t pursue deportation because the Obama administration didn’t consider drunken driving an offense serious enough to trigger deportation.

The only way to stop this from happening again is to finish The Wall and stop all immigration. No more H1 & H2 VISAS, for American’s sake. Our government owes safety to its citizens so until we have zero innocents involving aliens, especially illegal, they have no right to let some in to run up the number again.

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