Steve Bannon Claims MAGA Movement Will ‘Destroy The Democratic Party’

On Wednesday, during a media appearance outside the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in Washington, DC, former President J. Trump ally and adviser Steve Bannon insisted that the MAGA movement will take over the US and rule for a hundred years.

Bannon, the former Executive Chairman at Breitbart, is known as a fighter and a thorn in the flesh of the Marxists attempting to convert the U.S. into a tyrannical dictatorship, shredding the U.S. Constitution in the process.

He spoke following a three-hour court hearing, where he requested to get the bogus Jan 6th witch hunt committee’s criminal contempt charges against him dropped. His request was rejected by Judge Carl Nichols.

Bannon will be tried on July 18 on two counts of contempt of Congress for refusing to sit for a sworn deposition or give records to the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot. He is claiming executive privilege, and thus insists he can not and will not divulge his communications with Mr. Trump.

The popular podcasters and host of the War Room claimed that the US will soon see a “populist uprising” of “Hispanics, African Americans, and working-class people,” and that MAGA-linked candidates will clinch government positions at the state and federal levels.

We’re winning everywhere, we’re gonna get 55 to 60% of the Hispanic vote this November, we’re gonna get 50% of the African American male vote this November,” Bannon said.

He added that he thought the MAGA movement will win an “80 to 100 seat pickup in the House of Representatives.”, and that the MAGA candidates will also win the Senate back, school boards, and state legislatures, and take the seats for “all the Secretaries of State.”

“You’re witnessing right now a political realignment like 1932. And we will govern for a hundred years after we win a hundred seats,” Bannon said.

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Bannon may have been referring to the 1932 event that the Senate’s history archives describe as a “political tidal wave.

Bannon was asked  if he wanted to “govern as a one-party government.”

“I believe that we will destroy the Democratic Party as a national political institution,” Bannon replied, railing against Republican Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who he described as “neoliberal neo-cons.”

During Wednesday’s appearance, Bannon floated the idea of a MAGA takeover of the US government.

He previously made the same claims on a December 2021 episode of his podcast, “War Room: Pandemic.” During it, Bannon discussed with Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz the possibility of an “army of patriots” and “shock troops” taking over the US government.

Bannon’s tenacity makes him one of the popular figures in the MAGA movement.

Because of his ever-increasing podcast downloads and online news broadcasts viewership, Bannon will continue to be a crucial cog in the MAGA movement’s machinery, forcing the left to continue trying to dislodge him,  hoping to bring the movement to a slow crawl.

I am placing my bets on Bannon, not the evil empire on Capitol Hill.


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