South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Got A Flamethrower For Christmas – Video

Many women wanted nice clothing, jewelry, or maybe even a high-end household appliance for Christmas, but what about a flamethrower?

Back in 2020, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem posted a picture on Instagram of herself using a flamethrower

In the caption, Noem wrote, “Is it too late to add something to my Christmas list?”.

Well, Santa decided to say yes this year.

In a family video, Kristi proudly showed off the new flamethrower, a gift from her staff for Christmas, (Sorry Santa).

In it, she demonstrated its effectiveness by setting ablaze a pile of cardboard boxes.

Noem was dressed for the freezing cold, in army-fatigue pants with a matching jacket – and hat, as she stood outside on a snowy Christmas day saying ‘Perfect’ as the heap of boxes, burned to a crisp.

In one of the video clips, she is seen posing next to her husband, Byron Noem, as she is holding the hand-held device.

The 51-year-old married mother of three is the state’s first female governor and took office in January 2019.

Her no-nonsense leadership style and rejection to shut the state down during the COVID pandemic have made her a darling of the right.

For many, in the Republican party, Noem is increasingly being considered to be a potential future presidential or vice-presidential candidate.

Noem was raised with her siblings in Watertown, South Dakota on the family ranch and farm in Hamlin County, a current population of approximately 6,614.

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She had to grow up quickly when her father was killed in a farm machinery accident in 1994.

The devastated Noem told The Washington Examiner that she found a tape recorder in his truck that gave her the answers she needed and at age 22 took over the operation of the family business.

A few months after her dad’s passing, she found nearly a dozen tapes as she cleaned out her father’s pickup truck.

‘If you have a farmer or rancher in your life, you know that they often live out of their pickups. Everything important can be found in the cab,’ Noem said in a March 2021 tweet when she spoke about the tragedy.

‘My eyes started to fill up with tears,’ she wrote. ‘One by one, I put them in the tape recorder and listened to dad talk about crop decisions, soil types, cows, weather, markets, and what to do if we were ever in a tough financial situation.’ 


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