Socialist Pope Francis Pushes For Globalism

Over 1 billion people worldwide confess to being a Christian.

Following the Protestant Reformation that began with Martin Luther in 1517, the religion primarily consists of Catholics and Protestants.

The Pope in Catholicism is considered to be the Vicar of Christ.  A title that implies his supreme and universal primacy, both of honor and of jurisdiction, over the Church of Christ.

Under Pope John Paul II the church moved towards open dialogue with all religions and he loosened up some of the church’s practices. Pope Benedict XVI who followed John Paul, moved the church back to more traditional positions.

Following Benedict’s surprise resignation, the first Cardinal from South America, a citizen of the socialist nation of Argentina, was selected to be the next Pope.

Pope Francis has been one of the more liberal popes that the Roman Catholic Church has elected to lead them going forward.

Though the Pontiff is still a staunch pro-life advocate, his cultural and other social issues positions are similar to those accepted in his homeland.

More recently, Francis has been increasingly vocal about his belief in Climate Change and the need for global cooperation, which to some it sounds like his acceptance of the new world order.

Yahoo News reported,

Regarding the environment, Pope Francis contends we “must not be indifferent or resigned to the loss of biodiversity and the destruction of ecosystems, often caused by our irresponsible and selfish behavior.”

He warns: “Because of us, thousands of species will no longer give glory to God by their very existence. … We have no such right.”

For Pope Francis, economic destitution and environmental destruction are symbiotically linked. “Climate change is,” according to Pope Francis, displacing people, increasing poverty and “contributing to the heart-rending refugee crisis. The world’s poor, though least responsible for climate change, are most vulnerable and already suffering its impact.”

Pope Francis emphasizes globally there are a series of “profoundly interconnected crises” in “the areas of health care, the environment, food supplies and the economy,” not to mention regional wars, “social, humanitarian and ethical crises,” all calling for a “new vision,” to “rethink the future of the world,” and establish “a renewed sense of shared responsibility for our world.”

Most recently in May, Pope Francis urged his audience, “We cannot live with the economic pattern that comes from neoliberalism and the Enlightenment. Nor can we live with an economic pattern that comes from Communism. We need … a Christian economy.”

There are people who believe that the papacy and specifically Pope Francis may be the antichrist, they would also be suspicious of him trying to institute any sort of government or economic system throughout the world because some people believe that is what will happen in the end times.

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Over the last few years, some thought that he would be stepping down from the papacy over health issues, but that hasn’t been the case, at least not yet.


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