Showtime – Elon Musk Reveals Why Twitter Suppressed Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’ Story

On Friday evening Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk released his social media company’s much-anticipated internal discussions that led to its decision to block any links exposing Hunter’s laptop from hell before the 2020 general election.

The conversations dealt with the suppression of the “October surprise”, a New York Post article published several days before the general election.

The article contained damning and explosive original source content from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The information was provided by the owner of a computer repair shop after Hunter had abandoned it and the time to reclaim it had expired.

Twitter’s far-left, anti-Trump staff, immediately banned the newspaper for their reporting on Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s morally corrupt son, trying to help Biden win the election. The problem with Twitter’s actions is the information in the Post article came straight from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The nation’s oldest-running newspaper was locked out of its account for several weeks, until after Joe was declared president-elect. In addition, every account that tweeted about Hunter’s laptop from hell was also banned, some just now allowed by Musk to come back online.

Elon Musk outsourced the dissemination of Twitter documents to the prominent Substack journalist.

Matt Taibbi was selected to share Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ on Hunter Biden’s story, after agreeing to ‘certain conditions’.

Shortly before their release, Taibbi sent the following email to his substack subscribers:

Dear TK Readers:

Very shortly, I’m going to begin posting a long thread of information on Twitter, at my account, @mtaibbi. This material is likely to get a lot of attention. I will absolutely understand if subscribers are angry that it is not appearing here on Substack first. I’d be angry, too.

The last 96 hours have been among the most chaotic of my life, involving multiple trips back and forth across the country, with a debate in Canada in between. There’s a long story I hope to be able to tell soon, but can’t, not quite yet anyway. What I can say is that in exchange for the opportunity to cover a unique and explosive story, I had to agree to certain conditions.

Those of you who’ve been here for years know how seriously I take my obligation to this site’s subscribers. On this one occasion, I’m going to have to simply ask you to trust me. As it happens, there may be a few more big surprises coming, and those will be here on Substack. And there will be room here to to discuss this, too, in time. In any case, thanks for your support and your patience, and please hold me to a promise to make all this up to you, and then some.

Moments later Elon confirmed that he did, in fact, work with Taibbi:

Here is why Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story, based on thousands of internal documents:

The WOKE staff and executives morphed into speech Nazis acquiescing to leftist demands that they manipulate their content, suppressing alternative speech.


James Woods and others were targeted by Democrats and Twitter.

Twitter bogusly claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was hacked into, even though in reality he had abonded his laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

The decision to block the Hunter laptop story was made at the highest levels at Twitter, but without CEO Jack Dorsey’s participation. 

Everyone knew the ‘hacking’ excuse wasn’t true but no one dared intervene.

The Twitter executives knew the Hunter Biden laptop was not ‘hacked’ but they suppressed the story anyway.

James Baker, the FBI lawyer who defended his decision to launch the Trump-Russia probe, advised Twitter to suppress the Hunter laptop story!

This Twitter thread will continue to be added to on Saturday. Refresh the page to check for the latest updates.

Leftist publications, such as The Rolling Stone, immediately published reactions to the tweets apparently trying to downplay the narrative, once again.

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