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Shocking Videos Of “Trans” Boy Violently Beating Female Students In Oregon Middle School

Here go we go again America.

Radicals in our nation are demanding children with gender dysphoria and other mental issues be allowed to stay in the general school populations, not getting mental care.  In addition they insist the “lgbtq…..” youth are in danger from the other students on campus.

Unfortunately for young girls, when boys who identify as girls decide to target them at school, they don’t have the ability to defend themselves.

Last week at least 3 young female students were violently beaten by a trans-identified male on the campus of an Oregon public school.

The shocking incidents occurred at Hazelbrook Middle School in the Tigard Tualatin School District, right outside of the morally corrupt city of Portland, Oregon.

One brutal attack was captured on video. It shows the trans-identified student, a biological male, violently slamming a young girl to the ground, grabbing her hair yanking her head back and forth before throwing multiple blows to the female student’s head.


“I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything!” the victim can be heard pleading to the trans attacker, according to the video.

“Touch me again, b-tch,” the trans student threatened before walking away.

The female student stands up and walks over to the person filming the incident in tears and says, “I can’t breathe.”

The victim’s mother posted about her daughter’s “horrific” attack on social media, demanding answers from the school and threatening legal action against the trans attacker.

“Yesterday my daughter was attacked at school by a biological male student dressed as a girl. I cannot even put into words my anger at the situation after watching this horrific video nor my distraught knowing I can’t do anything because I will ultimately, end up in jail. To the school- Where were the supervisors? Why wasn’t anyone present in the hallways? I don’t want excuses, I want answers. Of course, the coward that he is fled after putting hands on her,” the mother said.

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“HIS name is, [omitted] and as of right now the police cannot find him. We WILL be pressing charges. I want everyone to see this video. I want everyone to share this video. Assaulting someone is never ok BUT a boy/man should NEVER lay hands on a girl/woman and that’s on the parents for not raising a decent human being. Clearly, [omitted] isn’t a human of good values or morals,” she continued.

The Tualatin Police Department said on X that they are aware of the incident but “because it involves juveniles, we are unable to comment further.”

University of Kentucky swim ’22 Advisor for Independent Women’s Voice replied to the video:

“Trans male attacks female student in Oregon high school. This was certainly planned given multiple people were filming. All involved should be suspended and he should be charged with assault as a male Identify as you wish, but you can’t hide from your innate sex characteristics”

“***correction. This wasn’t a high school. This is at Hazlebrook MIDDLE School in the Tigard Tualatin School District in Oregon”

Charlie Kirk tweeted another video of the same demented boy attacking 2 additional biological girls.

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