Shocking Videos From ‘Drag the Kids to Pride’ Event In Texas

For many in the United States, the state of Texas is a bastion of conservativism, part of the Bible belt.

The reality is, the highly populated metro areas in the Longhorn state have morphed into progressive hubs with some areas in Dallas and Austin resembling San Francisco.

A Texas gay bar hosted a “Drag the Kids to Pride” event where drag queen dancers provocatively gyrated in front of children as young as toddlers. Tensions flared when protesters demonstrated outside the venue hosting the drag queen show for children.

The Mr. Misster gay bar in downtown Dallas hosted the drag queen event aimed at children.

A poster for the “Drag the Kids to Pride” event claims it is the “ultimate family-friendly pride experience.”

“Our under 21 guests can enjoy a special Mr. Misster Mocktails while the moms and dads can sip on one of our classic Mr. Misster Mimosa Towers,” the poster reads. “Do you want to hit the stage with the queens? We have FIVE limited spots for young performers to take the stage solo, or with a queen of their choosing! Come hang out with the Queens and enjoy this unique pride experience, fit for guests of all ages!”

The Texas gay bar said the “Drag the Kids to Pride” event was a spinoff of Mr. Misster’s Champagne Drag Brunch – which tickets start at $25 and go all the way up to $600.

Here are a few of the disgusting signs the children could read on their way into the mandatory 21 and older bar.

Young children are seen handing money to the drag queen performers in videos posted to social media by Tyler Hansen, Isabella Riley, and Aldo Buttazzoni.

The videos are upsetting and disturbing to me.

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The children who are trying to win approval from their mentally twisted parents can be seen awkwardly handing money to perverts and strutting down a simulated runaway, in front of a group of drinking adults struggling with gender dysphoria, with men dressing as women.

I can only imagine what Gen Z and A will look like in 20 years.

I fear the damage from the pandemic lockdowns and increasing social pressure to be part of the LGBTQ etc mob, could leave an endless number of them confused and dysfunctional their entire adult lives.

Who is going to be there when a growing number of these trans children overdose or attempt to end their lives?

This very small group in the LGBT mob may clap when the lights are on at the bar, but things become more painful for them all, as the lights fade. In the post-party silence, they struggle to be alone, as the reality of the lifestyle is not what they had hoped for.


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