Lawless Chicago: Vandals Commit Brazen Robbery In Broad Daylight at Ulta Beauty Store

For many Americans Chicago, Illinois is known as the Windy City and the cherished home of the Chicago Cubs.

Once a tourist destination the city has experienced an increase in violence during decades of Democratic political leadership.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot was elected as a lesbian woman of color, to finally come up with the solutions for their shootings in the Southside.

Unfortunately Lightfoot is failing miserably, with thousands of her constituents getting shot annually.

Here is the headlines from last weekend – 10 killed, 58 wounded by gunfire in Chicago over the weekend — a third of the victims shot in just one police district on West Side

In addition, the mayor has criticized her police and has promoted the idea of systemic racism in their ranks.

As with Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis, criminals have become emboldened knowing the police will not arrest them for open criminal activity.

An Ultra Beauty store in northern Illinois was robbed by vandals in broad daylight in Chicago on Monday.

The robbery was caught on video showing how law and order have been abandoned in this part of the city.

Black vandals broke into the perfume cases and loaded their bags with bottles as a siren is going off.

What is disturbing to me is the store shoppers continued to look around the store as the robbery is taking place.

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The robbers then leave the store, bags in hand.

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They are not worried about the police and not ashamed at all for committing the crime in broad daylight with dozens of witnesses.

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