Senile Joe Rejects Questions About Border Crisis As His Handlers Force Media Out

Oh well, this day had to come eventually.

Our nation was scheduled to send our president to speak to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

To the embarrassment of 80 plus million Americans, our senile dishonest President Joe Biden traveled to New York on Monday in preparation for the speech.

In only nine months Joe has managed to mess up everything he has stuck his nose in resulting in skyrocketing inflation numbers, COVID Chaos, and as Commander In Chief has directed the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

On Tuesday Biden was expected to speak on US relations with China and Afghanistan.


Monday evening, Biden met with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres as part of the United Nations General Assembly.

Even though Biden just returned from another long weekend, he avoided reporters as he returned to the White House Monday morning, then ignored the press again in New York Monday evening.

As thousands of Hattians are invading our southern border, reporters tried to ask Joe Biden questions after his meeting with Guterres concluded.

In another public sign of weakness, Biden refused to answer questions as his handlers shooed away reporters.

Why because his handlers knew he would not be able to formulate coherent answers, and without a teleprompter within sight, this ensured only one result if he did try, more Biden blunders.

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It is still disturbing to me how sleepy Joe’s handlers force out the media, like cattle before a storm.


Well, there you have it folks, another day, another reason why our nation is struggling, very weak “leadership”.

I am praying the US Congress is unable to pass Biden’s disastrous agenda with America voting them out in 22, and Biden in 24.

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