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Sen. Ron Johnson Concerning COVID – “Our federal agencies have not been transparent.”

The facts are a stubborn thing

The data on the COVID outbreak is clear:

  1. When it hit the US population
  2. When the cases first spiked
  3. When the natural and herd immunity forced the numbers down

According to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), as Americans have been taking the COVID vaccines, the number of cases has spiked again, this time attributing it to the Delta Variant.

You would think our government would lay out the full picture, but instead, they continue to push the vaccine for the original COVID strain.

Senator Ron Johnson took to the Senate floor to discuss the current COVID-19 pandemic in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Senator Johnson posted a portion of his presentation on the Senate floor.

He brought a chart with him that shows the timeline of coronavirus cases and coronavirus deaths in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Via Gateway Pundit

Senator Johnson makes three very important points from his chart.
1.) The total coronavirus cases and deaths had dropped significantly before the vaccine was introduced.
2.) The rate of vaccination took off early in 2021 and today stands around 60%.
3.) Despite 60% of the population being vaccinated the cases and deaths surged again this summer.

It appears from the chart that the vaccines are not working as advertised.


Sen. Johnson then adds this, “Our federal agencies have not been transparent. They have not given the American public information that we need to make an informed choice.”

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The Biden adminstration and media is bent on pressuring Americans to take the COVID vaccines.

Fauci is promoting the need of the booster shot, for the Dealt Varriant.

I am assuming both will push for another vaccine for the “next” varriant early next year, or sooner.

Like Sen. Johnson, lets get out the facts, and let each person make their own health decions, like we used to do.

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