Sen Ted Cruz, We Need More ‘Armed Good Guys’ NOT More Gun Control

In the midst of the anti-gun political frenzy underway due to the recent mass shootings in New York and Texas, there are a handful of leaders in the GOP calling for making schools more secure, instead of stripping away Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens.

One of them, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) while speaking at the National Rifle Association (NRA) members on Friday, went over a handful of societal issues that must be part of the gun rights debate.  The former presidential candidate mentioned church attendance, violent video games, prescription drugs, social media bullying, and other factors for the wave of mass shootings in the U.S.

The left is criticizing Cruz’s summation because he did not blame inanimate objects, guns, for the shootings the innocent human beings.

“We know that many of these who seek to commit the most heinous crimes, they’re isolated from human contact,” Cruz said. “They’re living a virtual life in the absence of community, and faith and love.”

During the event, also attended by former President Donald J. Trump, the massacre of the 19 fourth grade students and two teachers less than 2 hours away from the event, was front and center in Cruz’s solution.

“What stops armed bad guys is armed good guys,” he said, arguing that lawmakers’ proposal to expand background checks on gun sales wouldn’t prevent most mass murders.

Cruz called for every school to have a single point of entry guarded by multiple armed police officers, or military veterans when needed. He added that schools should have bulletproof and locking doors for each classroom.

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The Texas senator also took a swipe at the Democrats for past non-action on protecting students.

He pointed out that in one of their many hypocritical actions on Capitol Hill, the leftist political party rejected an amendment offered by Cruz and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) following the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting that would have created a federal task force to prosecute those who illegally attempt to purchase firearms.

All nine Democrats voted against the measure, which would have also allowed for interstate firearm sales and transportation and restricted some individuals from owning firearms.

Cruz said, “We know that many of these who seek to commit the most heinous crimes, they’re isolated from human contact. They’re living a virtual life in the absence of community of community and faith and love.”

He rejected calls to broaden background checks, suggesting such an expansion would not prevent most of the mass public attacks that are witnessed around the country.

Cruz and other clear-thinking Senators will be crucial for tempering calls for national Red Flag Laws, which in effect, act as a workaround of due process procedures typically afforded in rulings involving the Second Amendment.

The Washington Times is reporting that some moderate Republican senators are now warming up to Red Flag legislation. “For people who threatened harm to themselves or somebody else, you could only go through law enforcement, and you had to go through the courts, and it wasn’t permanent,” explained Republican Sen. Rick Scott, who signed a red flag bill while governor of Florida.

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Wake up America, we must let the left capitalize on the recent mass shootings for political gain.

Red Flags are terrible and I believe unconstitutional illegal gun grabs, that allow a judge to confiscate guns from a law-abiding citizen, making them jump through multiple hoops trying to convince the court that they should get them back.

Yes, gun owners could be accused of being prone to gun violence, without a crime already being committed, aka pre-crime.


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