Scottish Photographer Saves U.S. Couple’s Dream Wedding

In life is prudent to make plans, especially for very important events.

But, as we all know, sometimes the best-made plans end up not working out after all.

A U.S. couple almost had to cancel their dream wedding in Scotland.

Amanda and Paul Riesel flew over 4,000 miles from Orlando, Florida, to get married on Skye, an island in Scotland.

The couple had been planning this dream wedding for over 2 years.

Their plan started to fall apart after their plane was diverted to Philadelphia, a detour that led to three days of delays, with the couple stuck in different airports along the way.

“All of us had breakdowns along the way. It was delay, delay, delay,” Paul said.

The exhausted couple eventually arrived on Skye at about 11 pm on Monday, the night before their wedding. Unbelievably they soon realized that their luggage did not make it to airport.

“We got to the luggage carousel to see it was completely empty and our bags were not there. It dawned on me that we would have to cancel and there was nothing else I could do,” Amanda told The Guardian.

They were ready to call the whole wedding off until their wedding photographer, Rosie Woodhouse, appealed to locals to help the couple out – with just hours to spare.

“I told them I was sure I could make this work,” said Woodhouse. “Skye is an amazing place.”

Woodhouse posted an appeal on social media in the middle of the night, and by 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday she had been flooded with offers of help.

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Amanda had eight wedding dresses to choose from and Paul had a full kilt set. Makeup was provided by a local chemist and Woodhouse invited the couple to a friend’s house for dinner as most of the restaurants in the area were closed.

“Rosie did all of this, I was oblivious to all the work that went on in the background,” said Amanda. “In the middle of the night, people responded, one woman even dropped off normal clothes to help. We woke up to this beautiful thing orchestrated for us. Because of her perseverance we got married.”

“Every single person Rosie introduced us to and that offered to help will forever have a place in our hearts,” she added. “The people of Skye will be famous in Orlando because we will tell anyone who will listen that they are the reason our love was cemented into a perfectly imperfect wedding day. There will never be enough words for us to express how grateful we are.”

A happy ending to what could have been a disaster all because a handful of people decided to step in and make a difference for this couple.

What a difference the world would be if the kindness shown for this couple was the norm, not the exception?


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