Ron DeSantis Purchases Antibody Treatments for Florida After Joe Biden Cuts Shipments

In defiance of the Biden administration, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis purchased monoclonal antibody treatments this week to circumvent the federal restriction on shipments to states with higher needs.

Speaking at a news conference in Tampa on Thursday, the governor said that Florida will receive approximately 3,000 doses of the GlaxoSmithKline antibody treatment product, sutrovimab. The product will serve as a supplement for shortages in the Regeneron supply for the state of Florida, which will receive a shipment of 18,000 treatments from the federal government this month, according to NBC Miami.

DeSantis said of the treatments:

It’s clearly saving lives. It’s clearly keeping people out of the hospital. But it’s also something that, even short of being hospitalized, this is something that can really knock you on your rump for a week or two … it assists in the recovery. People get better much quicker if they get this treatment.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s actions followed the Biden administration announced last week that had begun to cut the distribution of monoclonal antibodies to several red states.

The administration’s “justification” for cutting supplies to Florida, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana, was based on their data showing they use 70 percent of the available supply in recent weeks.

In reality, they were punishing these states for resisting implementing draconian vaccine mandates and extended lockdowns.

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In response to criticism and backlash, White House press secretary Jen Psaki pulled out the admin’s social justice card saying the Biden administration’s policy was to make the distribution of monoclonal antibodies more “equitable.” 

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So even though there is no shortage of these supplies, the Biden leftists cut the shipments to the conservative states anyway.

During his press conference on Thursday, DeSantis rebuked the Biden administration for denying life-saving treatments to people in his state:

We should be doing everything we can to get them the treatment, not cut the treatment. So the fact that the Biden administration is doing this, I just think it’s wrong. The implications I think are going to be negative, we may have less access, we may have to close sites, the hospitals may not have all that they need. So this is fundamentally wrong.

It is sad to see people’s lives put at risk over political wrangling, but we should not expect better from an administration that just left thousands of American citizens behind in Afghanistan.

2022 just can’t get here quick enough.

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