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Repeat Felon Stabbed And Brutally Beat Woman For Wearing An American Flag Shirt

A repeat felon allegedly brutalized a woman so severely for wearing a shirt emblazoned with the American flag that police “couldn’t see her eyes.”

On October 2 at approximately 4:15 a.m. in Mankato, Minnesota, law enforcement received a bloodcurdling call from a woman. Thumping noises and a man’s voice were reportedly audible in the background. First responders rushed to the scene to find a bloodied female victim and evidence of a ghastly attack.

According to the court complaint, when police arrived, the victim was soaking wet and bleeding profusely. Her face was swollen to the extent that officers reportedly could not make out her eyes. Broken plastic was strewn across the kitchen floor, which was also soused with water. Several cracked cell phones were on the floor amid the debris.

The victim told officers of the Mankato Department of Public Safety that upon seeing her in the American flag shirt, 23-year-old repeat felon Paul Peter Jal choked and punched her.

Jal allegedly tore a towel tack out of the wall and stabbed the victim, threatening she would “die tonight.”

It soon became clear why there were multiple broken phones on the floor.

The victim had tried calling police on two occasions: first on another victim’s phone, and then on her own. Jal destroyed both.

Jal, who remains at large, has been charged with: 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon; 3rd degree assault inflicting substantial bodily harm; threats of violence; interrupting or impeding with a 911 call; and property damage.


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