Red Wave – Young Voters MIA For Dems In Early Voting

The Democratic party has moved to the far left, away from blue-collar workers.

Their legislation, social media marketing, and public messaging through corporate media show they are targeting younger aged voters, especially reaching out to minorities

Some in the “woke” political party are worried about the low turnout so far by these groups in early voting for the 2022 midterms.

Younger voters are making up a smaller share of early and absentee voters so far than they did in 2020.

They have historically been less likely to vote early or by mail than older voters.

They also generally turn out in lower numbers overall and are more likely to drop out of the electorate in midterm years — though they were key to Biden’s 2020 victory, when turnout among voters under 30 was 11 points higher compared to the previous presidential election, according to an analysis by researchers at Tufts University. Voters in that age group went for Biden by an estimated 25-point margin.

But the president’s approval rating among younger voters took a particularly sharp dip last year, raising doubts about their levels of participation in the coming election.

More than 15 million voters have already cast their midterm ballots, according to the United States Elections Project. But young voters have contributed to a smaller fraction of that turnout compared to this time two years ago, according to interviews and a POLITICO analysis of voter data.

The party is hoping that younger voters, who are motivated by the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe and President Joe Biden’s cancellation of some student debt, would turn out in force.

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This is how the left is trying to overcome the typical losses that the party in power typically suffers in the first midterm elections of a new president is elected.

In North Carolina, which has a close U.S. Senate race and a set of state legislative races that could determine whether abortion remains legal in the state, the median age of voters who cast ballots through Oct. 26 was 66, according to state data. Voters aged 30 and younger account for just 5.4 percent of ballots cast so far, compared to 16.5 percent of those who voted early or absentee in 2020. Republicans’ share of the early vote is also slightly higher now than it was at the same time two years ago.

The overall situation looks better for Democrats in Pennsylvania, despite low participation there from young voters, who the party still needs to turn out in order to win the state’s U.S. Senate seat.

“Democrats are going to need younger voters to come out on Election Day in order for the numbers to hold,” said Tom Bonier, CEO of TargetSmart, a Democratic data firm.


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