I am confused, the media has been screaming for weeks that President Trump is willing to risk children’s lives by asking them to go back to school.

Facebook, Twitter remove Trump coronavirus posts of Fox interview about kids being ‘almost immune, which is statistically true.

Just a side note, here it out the fake news website, AXIOS, reported President Trump’s comment. You will notice, “almost immune” becomes, “are immune”.

Teacher’s unions, whose members are saying they refuse to go to work, have forced schools around the country to cancel in-person classes.

Progressives are freaking out saying the in a huge second wave of the spread of CV-19, and that Trump is to blame, yet the Governor of the most poorly run state in our country, who moved infected seniors back into retirement facilities with healthy seniors, killing thousands of them, just announced NY schools will be OPEN statewide, for in-person learning.

Steven Crowder jumped all over this in a tweet to Channel 4 news whop broke the story.

According to their website,

Cuomo Clears All New York Schools to Reopen Next Month, Says It’s Ultimately Not Up to Him

A growing number of major school districts across the country, including Chicago, have opted to start the school year fully remotely amid the significant increase in COVID-19 nationwide

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo cleared all New York school districts to reopen in the fall, making the decision based on the seven-day rolling infection rate in the state’s 10 regions. All regions are well below his 5 % positivity threshold
  • Schools will have to shut down again if their region ticks above 9 percent; NYC has a stricter mark of 3 percent. It won’t open schools if the positivity rate is higher than that and it’ll re-close them if it does after they reopen
  • Ultimately, Cuomo says a low infection rate won’t get parents to send their kids to school or teachers to show; he calls on individual school districts to inform them of detailed plans and post testing and other protocol online

It appears, at least in NY, that President Trump is no longer trying to kill children by having them return to school. That NY children, whose school districts will let them return, will also allow their parents to go back to work.

Hey, accept for homeschooling families, this sounds like America again.

The reality is, I don’t have high hopes that the unions will force their members, who are enjoying their fat salaries while working at home, will agree to return to in face learning, but will instead, for “safety reasons”, ask to put off such a decision until after the first of the year.

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