Pro-Palestine Mob Blocks Minneapolis Highway, Beats Old Man

What happens when radical far left, and in this story Muslim politicians, promote anti-Semitism?

Born in  Detroit, Squad member Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is one of the first Muslim-Americans, as well as the first Palestinian-American woman to be elected to the US Congress.

Despite overwhelming evidence, the radical daughter of Palestinian immigrant parents continues to push a lie that an errant Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket — not an Israel Defense Force rocket — hit the hospital in Gaza City on October 17.

In an official statement released Monday, Tlaib said that “media outlets and third-party analysts” have been raising doubts about Israel’s presented evidence that an errant Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket hit a hospital’s parking lot in Gaza, which possibly killed 50 people — not the 500 initially reported.

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) blew a gasket on Friday after a reporter confronted her and her far-left Democratic colleagues with the truth about Hamas’ savage attack on Israel.

After being questioned about the unproved attack of Israel by Hamas, Omar lost her cool.

“How many more killings is enough for you? Is it 1,000 more? 2,000 more? 3,000 more? How many more Palestinians would make you happy if they died?” Omar screamed.

On Sunday, an anti-semitic Minnesota City Council candidate Zach Metzger filmed a pro-Palestine mob that took over a street, swarmed an elderly driver, chased after him, and harassed him.

End Wokeness posted on X:

“MN City Council candidate Zach Metzger blocked off a highway and terrorized an old white man driving past a pro-Palestine riot He posted the video today and instructed his followers to find the old man. He has since deleted the post. We saved it. Drone footage shows a mob blocking off the road and surrounding his car. The desperate driver drove off, only to be chased down by Metzger and others.”

X Influencer Collin Rugg posted a summary of the domestic terrorism event:

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Pro-Palestine mob takes over the street and swarms an elderly driver in Minneapolis. After the driver made it through the initial mob of people, he was blocked at the next intersection by cars.

The mob then chased after the man to harass him some more. Footage on the ground appears to suggest that the man *may* have been pepper sprayed in the face as he seemed to have a difficult time opening his eyes. Pro-Palestine protesters tried breaking his windows and dented the side of his car.

The group organizer Zach Metzger reportedly shared the video online himself and told the radicals to find the man in a now-deleted post. Sick people.

Crime Watch Minneapolis obtained additional video of the mob surrounding the man’s vehicle.


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