Denver Police Officer Buys Struggling Woman A Week’s Worth Of Groceries

A police officer in Denver went above and beyond the call of duty to help a citizen in need.

Officer Melissa Martin of the Denver Police Department responded to a noise complaint on New Year’s Eve. Martin learned the woman she encountered had just escaped an abusive relationship and recently moved into an apartment on her own.

The woman told Martin she was struggling with mental illness and substance abuse and said she hadn’t eaten in four or five days.

Martin found her refrigerator empty and decided to buy the woman groceries for the week with her own money.

The compassionate officer said the solution to improving the woman’s situation by buying her food seemed easy.

She added the woman was older and made her think if what she would want someone to do if one of her own parents was in a similar situation.

“I try really hard not to judge just try to help them in the situation that they find themselves,” Martin said.

“If the world would just treat people like they would like to be treated, how much of a difference might that make?” Martin added.

For the encounter, Martin received an award from the nonprofit Citizens Appreciate Police on Wednesday.

Citizens Appreciate Police recognizes local officers who serve “above and beyond the regular call of duty,” according to the nonprofit.

More than 200 Denver officers have received the CAP Award since the nonprofit was launched in 1978.

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