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Part-time President Biden Shows Up For Work After Spending Long Weekend At Beach Home

President Joe Biden is off to probably the worst first year than any president in US history.

Though he claims he is a fighter, and the media tries their best to hide the 78-year old’s low energy and frequent gaffes, our Commander In Chief has been working only 4 day work weeks on a regular basis.

According to Biden’s travel history,, conforms Joe heads for Delaware almost every weekend.

On Friday in spite of the Haiti invasion, Afghanistan’s lingering disaster, high inflation, the FDA’s declined approval for the Covid booster ETC, sleepy Joe took off again.

In addition, Americans are still stuck behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, France recalled its ambassadors to the United States, and Sunday the US Senate Parliamentarian put a stop to congresses attempt to pass Amnesty via the budget reconciliation process.

Unfortunately for We The People, Biden’s disconnected world in which he thinks disappearing for periods of time will allow issues to fix themselves, is manifesting in our nation’s accelerated decline.

Joe ignored reporters as he arrived back at the White House Monday afternoon after spending another long weekend, this time at his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Biden still hasn’t answered any questions about the border crisis, Afghanistan, or France’s decision to recall its ambassadors.

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Joe following the instructions of his handlers, and I am sure their prohibition against him speaking to reporters, waved to the press pool but not answering their questions after exiting Marine One.

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We must not expect things to change as Joe is getting older, and the left is accomplishing most of their objectives with Joe MIA.

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