Over Twice as Many Killed with Knives, Cutting Instruments Than Rifles – FBI

Following the fall of Adam and Eve, violence started to fill the Earth.

The first recorded murder was between brothers, possibly involving the use of a stone or other natural object.

Over time, cultures developed methods of creating items out of various metals, even weapons.

Fast forward to the 21st century, many nations around the world are experiencing an increasing number of murders with the use of knives and other cutting objects.

In 2021, London recorded the highest number of teenage homicides caused by knife and gun crimes in modern times.

“Most of the young victims were stabbed to death. In London, 74.4% of all homicides were caused by knives or sharp implements in 2021, a 15.6% increase from 2020. Perhaps a testimony to the UK’s strong gun control laws, just 8.3% of homicides in 2021 were caused by gunshot wounds – proportionally down from the 11.4% witnessed in 2020.”

Radical anti-gun activists in the US continually pressure politicians on both sides of the political aisle to pass legislation to remove or at the least limit access to many rifles, even though they are used much less in murders, than knives.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) shows over twice as many people were killed with knives and other cutting tools than were killed with rifles in 2021.

The UCR shows that 447 people were killed with rifles, while 1,035 people were killed “with knives or cutting instruments.”

The number of stabbing deaths over homicides by a rifle is actually much lower than with knives and other cutting tools being used in homicides, especially in recent years.

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For example, Breitbart News noted that the UCR also showed more than 3.5 times more people were killed with “knives or cutting instruments” in 2020 than were killed with rifles. The UCR showed that 454 people were shot and killed with rifles in 2020 while 1,732 were stabbed or hacked to death with “knives or cutting instruments.”

In 2019, the FBI’s UCR indicated over four times as many people were stabbed to death in 2019 than were killed with rifles of all kinds. The figures for 2019 were 375 killed with rifles versus 1,525 stabbed to death with “knives or cutting instruments.”

On September 30, 2019,  the FBI’s UCR for 2018 showed a similar finding, with over five times as many people stabbed to death with “knives or cutting instruments” than were killed with rifles.

It is important to remember that the category of rifles includes all kinds of rifles — bolt action, pump action, break action, semiautomatic, and those semiautomatic, which Democrats label “assault weapons.”

More people have been stabbed or hacked to death in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 than have been killed with all such rifle types combined.


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