Team Biden Finally Admits To Dumping Thousands of Haitians In Red States, No Vaccine Mandate, No COVID Testing

This is a sad but true reality, a majority of US government officials in leadership positions, are lying opportunists working daily for advancement and at a minimum maintaining their coveted positions.

With an already estimated 2+ million illegal aliens expected to cross the US southern border, the recent wave of 12,000 plus Hattians that formed under the Del Rio, Texas bridge caused a huge uproar across our land.

The open-borders activist pushed for DHS to allow them all in, even without the resources in place to process and facilitate this additional huge number of aliens.

Law and order Americans demanded our government reject this mob as millions of others around the globe, if they were to get in, would also then consider how they too could bypass the US immigration process by following this Hattian mob’s success in doing so.

In response, the White House said they would not be allowing the Hatrtians in and would be flying them home under Title 42.

Well on Sunday, DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas admitted more than 12,000 Haitian illegals have been released into the United States.

Unlike American citizens, refugees from Afghanistan and illegal aliens from over 150 nations have not been subjected to any Covid vaccine or testing mandates.

Yes, you heard this correctly. American citizens in progressive cities are being barred from entering restaurants, bars, theaters, and other indoor venues for refusing to ‘show papers’ but an illegal alien from Sri Lanka might get into our borders without any COVID testing.

Mayorkas said the number of illegals released into the US could be 12,000 or “higher,” during an appearance on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace.

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Secretary Mayorkas also said the Biden Administration opposes a border wall because people crossing illegally is “one of our proudest traditions.”


This is insane yet with the absurd ability of those in power to use prosecutorial discretion on actually refusing to enforce congressionally passsed statutes, this massive inflow of illegals could result in over 15,000,000+ of them crossing in Biden’s term in the White House.

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