Every country in the world has some form of immigration laws and many will take action if someone invades their sovereign territory illegally.

Since the late 1990s, the open borders movement has been growing.

This Marxist movement of college-aged youth, have been taught that immigration laws are racist and thus their demands include negating any law already in place, regardless of the damage it will cause to the nation having to deal with millions of unknown people flooding their country. Some are criminals, some freeloaders, some looking for better jobs, and some even terrorists.

So-called economic refugees are not entitled to asylum claims. To get around the law, this group trains them to lie, having them repeat a mantra; they are fearful for their lives and had to flee the violence back home.

In liberal cities like LA, 2 illegal aliens were named to Huntington Park commissions.

Yes, 2 illegal aliens are working as city commissioners – “The City of Huntington Park has established various commissions to provide an opportunity for residents to participate in the City’s decision-making processes by advising the City Council on numerous issues.”

With this in mind, the Democrats featured illegal aliens at their Convention.

Via Breitbart

The Democrats’ used their convention on August 19 to prod Americans to welcome ill migrants who enter the United States in search of American health care.

The video features an illegal immigrant who brought her disabled daughter into the United States for life-saving health care. Americans saved the child but cannot yet cure the spina bifida that keeps her apparently confined to a wheelchair.

Jessica Sanchez, the grown daughter, told the Democrats’ audience, “I don’t have the right ID, so I can’t get health insurance through the [Obamacare] exchange. I need health insurance. I deserve it, right?”

“Of course you do,” her mother, Sylvia, said in Spanish. “We all deserve hope, a good life, and health.”

“My mother had no choice,” said Lucy, Sylvia’s U.S.-born daughter. “There was no time to wait to save my sister. She came here looking for a miracle.”

“It breaks my heart to see how babies are separated from their families at the border,” the mother added. “That’s wrong. Those babies need to be with their families.”

“I want to go to law school,” said Jessica. “I want to help my community.”

This segment endorsing a welcome for all sick foreigners is a dramatic escalation from the Democrats’ unpopular promises to fund health care for at least 11 million resident illegal aliens, most of whom work long hours for low wages in the U.S. labor market that is flooded by illegal and legal immigrants.

The Democrats’ video extends their free-health care offer to many millions of people living outside the United States, including roughly 175 million people in Mexico and Central America.

Sure why not, the US in only $27 Trillion dollars in debt, and has tens of thousands our citizens without health care.

Why is President Trump popular with his supporters. He put Americans first, then if we have any money or resources left over, we help others.

The fact that this emotional open borders mob has any influence should concern us all.  Will this concern drive a much higher GOP turn-out on November 3rd or have many Americans already conceded our nation’s demise without a fight.

There can be no compromise, we either stop all immigration or might as well just open the borders.

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