Oklahoma Tells Woke Teachers: Looking To Indoctrinate, Find Another Job

The citizens of the conservative state of Oklahoma tend to focus on faith, family, and country.

The Sooner State is known for energy production and ranching so doesn’t get a lot of news coverage, well unless you try to indoctrinate their children using CRT.

Oklahoma state officials are calling for teachers pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) to leave the classroom after an Oklahoma teacher spoke out against the state’s education law following her resignation.

A radical high school teacher named Summer Boismier quit her job with the Norman Public Schools in Norman, Oklahoma, after she shared a QR code in her classroom linking students to “Books Unbanned,” a program through Brooklyn Public Library, that allowed students to access books prohibited from being taught by state law.

The law, HB 1775, prohibits teaching that one race or sex is superior to another, with the intent to prevent the teaching of CRT and certain elements of gender ideology.

Norman Public Schools, where Boismier taught, found the list of books accessible through the link Boismier shared to be in violation of the law, and suspended Boismier.

Oklahoma Education Secretary Ryan Walters argued in an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation that Boismier’s actions violated House Bill 1775 and that Boismier and other like-minded teachers should seek different careers.

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“Great teachers don’t try to indoctrinate kids,” Walters told the DCNF. “We passed the bill to ensure that if that’s your goal, if your goal is to indoctrinate kids, you need to find another job. Our goal as a state is to empower parents and their kids’ education and to equip and attract the best and brightest into the teaching profession.”

Boismier posted a QR code with a sign that said “definitely don’t scan this” in her classroom on the first day of class, KOKH reported.

When scanned, the QR code took students to Brooklyn Public Library’s program for “Books Unbanned”; once at the site, students could sign up for an e-library card where they could access books banned from classrooms under state laws.

Books on the website include, “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” which discusses a child’s experience with sexual orientation, “Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism and You,” a book that focuses on anti-racism and the origin of racist thoughts, and “All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir Manifesto,” a story about a black, queer boy that covers sexual orientation and gender identity.

A parent complaint regarding the QR code caused the school to put Boismier on leave, but she was invited back to the classroom for the first day of classes, KOKH reported. However, Boismier decided to quit her job Thursday.

The Norman Public School provided the following statement:

“A concern centered on a Norman Public Schools teacher who, during class time, made personal, political statements and used their classroom to make a political display expressing those opinions.

“Like many educators, the teacher has concerns regarding censorship and book removal by the Oklahoma state legislature. However, as educators it is our goal to teach students to think critically, not to tell them what to think. We addressed the issue and expected the teacher to return to class as normal Wednesday.”

“At no point was the teacher ever terminated, suspended or placed on administrative leave but, unfortunately, we understand the teacher has publicly expressed their intent to resign.”

“I will say that the district did offer me back my job, allowing me back in the classroom as of tomorrow morning,” Boismier said in a statement to KOKH. “However, there were some fundamental ideological differences between myself and district representatives that I just couldn’t get past.”

I say adios liberal, Oklahoma is not the place for teachers who want to groom children and teach them to hate others because of the color of their skin.

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