Oh No Joe! Rep. Comer Says He Has Evidence On Hunter’s Corrupt Dealings With The CCP

In the midst of the political “noise” coming out of Capitol Hill, Hunter Biden’s drug induced and sexually immoral lifestyle has been an ongoing problem for his father, President Joe Biden.

In addition, all the members of the corrupt Biden family syndicate are lawyering up as GOP investigations into their well documented corrupt business dealings are heating up.

Hunter has reportedly been engaged in selling access to the former Obama Vice President, to China, for millions of dollars.

As a matter of fact, a tell all fictitious movie, based on several sources, was produced and released in 2022.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, appeared on Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

The conservative congressman insisted that people are finally starting to cooperate in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s “business dealings” with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Bartiromo asked Comer if there had been any updates since they’d spoken two weeks ago.

“We’ve had a very good two weeks,” Comer responded. “We are finally having people cooperate with us. I think we all know the Biden administration is stone-walling. Janet Yellen is stonewalling, not turning over the bank violations.”

“But fortunately, since we’ve last spoken,” Comer continued.

“We actually have bank records in hand. We have individuals who are working with our community,” he added.

Comer didn’t identify who is cooperating in his investigation but claimed they have ties with the Biden family and their various “schemes” around the globe.

He told Bartiromo:

In the last two weeks, we’ve met with either these individuals personally or with their attorneys. And that would be four individuals who had ties in with the Biden family on their various schemes around the world. So now we have in hand documents that show just exactly how the Biden family was getting money from the Chinese Communist Party. And I will tell you, Maria, it’s as bad as we thought.

It’s very concerning. And in a way, I’m kind of glad that the Biden attorney and the Biden administration’s been stonewalling us, because when I requested that information two weeks ago versus today, because of what we have in hand now, we have a lot stronger case in court for why we need these documents that the Biden family’s withholding and that the government’s withholding.

So they have unintentionally helped our case in our quest to get these documents to where we can give the American people the truth and the transparency that they deserve out of their leaders in Washington.


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