Not In Florida! Bars Medicaid From Paying For Trans Surgeries and Treatments

While most of the nation’s states have acquiesced to the pro-trans movement’s demands for them to fund gender reassignment surgeries etc, without any scientific evidence that people are born that way, Florida has again said they will not play ball.

The Sunshine State will prohibit Medicaid coverage for various gender reassignment measures such as surgeries, puberty blockers, hormones, hormone antagonists, and procedures that would change primary or secondary sex characteristics.

The rule, which rejects the radical left’s gender ideology, goes into effect later this month on August 21.

“Throughout this process, ⁦@AHCA_FL [Florida Agency for Health Care Administration] has remained committed to following the evidence in the treatment of gender dysphoria, rather than the eminence of a medical society or association. Our focus will always be on paving the way for a healthier Florida,” tweeted Brock Juarez, the administration’s communications director.

Liberal media reports discussing the state’s move are using the term “gender-affirming” to refer to the gender transition measures that will not be covered by Florida Medicaid.

Using approved talking points from Democrats’ leadership, Politico’s headline read, “Florida bans Medicaid from covering gender-affirming treatments,” while a Washington Post headline declared, “Florida to bar Medicaid coverage for those seeking gender-affirming care.”

“‘Gender affirming care’ is not standard medical terminology. It’s propaganda. The media should stop using left-wing talking points,” Juarez tweeted.

Several radical activist groups issued a joint statement expressing staunch opposition to the rule.

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“Lambda Legal, Southern Legal Counsel, Florida Health Justice Project, and National Health Law Program denounce Florida’s cruel effort to strip transgender Floridians on Medicaid of the ability to access essential, medically necessary, and often lifesaving medical care,” the groups said in the statement. “This discriminatory and medically unsound rule will take effect on August 21, 2022, putting transgender people in jeopardy of losing access to critical gender-affirming health care services.”

This is the most recent outrage these groups have expressed against Florida politicians, especially the popular Republican governor Ron DeSantis.

Earlier this year the Florida legislature passed legislation that included a provision that prohibits teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade.

Child advocates have applauded the prohibitions, calling the LGBTQ teacher’s actions, “indoctrination”, with the rules preventing them from grooming the K-3rd grade students.

“Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards,” the law states.

The left continues to make up terms in their massive propaganda effort, we will see how successful they are long-term on their most ridiculous arguments concerning this basic, yet paramount issue, human anatomy.

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