Non-Citizens Joining Washington DC Police Force Who Can Arrest American Citizens

Another story of the corruption taking place in our nation’s capital city of Washington D.C. is making the political news cycle rounds.

Even though immigration laws were passed by the US Congress on Capitol Hill to protect the rights and privileges of American citizens, the declining democratic controlled city, with increasing crime and prosecutions of officers trying to maintain law and order, is having trouble keeping its police force staffed.

As a result, immigrants without U.S. citizenship will soon be able to get badges and guns and be authorized to arrest Americans in the nation’s capital, as the city’s Police Department (DC MPD) struggles to recruit and retain police officers.

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Previously, only U.S. citizens were eligible to become officers with the Metropolitan Police Department, according to WTOP News.

Ashan Benedict, the Interim Chief of Police announced the department’s new recruitment of foreigners with green cards to join the ranks of the man and women serving in blue.

The change comes as the D.C. force’s manpower has collapsed to just 3,400 officers.

The employment policy change is described as taking a step toward “ensuring our agency is representative of the community it serves.”

“As an agency, we truly believe that a workforce that represents our community brings a variety of ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Together, this blend drives innovation and growth,” said Benedict whose own parents are Sri Lankan immigrants.

This update to eligibility criteria was made in the Comprehensive Policing and Justice Reform Act of 2022, which took effect in April. Previously, only U.S. citizens could be considered for officer positions with D.C. police.

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New hires, including non-citizen green card holders, will even be offered up to $25,000 in signing bonuses.

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To summarize; Instead of enforcing existing criminal laws, prosecuting those found guilty, and supporting the existing men and women serving the community (citizens), the corrupt democratic city leaders will instead send non-citizens out in the dangerous streets.

In the end, some of these green card holders will be injured, possibly killed, due to the terrible decisions made by the city’s political elitists.

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