Newsome’s California – No New Gas Powered Vehicles Sales By 2035, Fast Food Min. Wage $22

California has gone from the thriving capitalistic land of opportunity during President Regan’s two terms in office, 2000-2008, to a radical, global-focused super majority, collectively sprinting the 35 million residents towards a Marxist state.

The former Golden State is ramming through legislation hoping to reach the zero-emissions mandates set forth by the UN Agenda 2030 sustainability goals, and fast food worker empowerment under The Great Resets “equity” agenda.

It will be illegal to sell new gasoline-powered vehicles in California starting in 2035, claiming it is part of the state’s battle against “climate change”.

The rule, issued by the California Air Resources Board on Thursday, will force automakers to speed up the production of cleaner vehicles beginning in 2026 until sales of only zero-emission cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs are allowed in the state.

The unanimous vote comes after Gov. Gavin Newsom set a target in 2020 to accelerate the shift away from internal combustion engines.

The policy will not ban people from continuing to drive gas cars or from buying and selling them on the used market after 2035.

In a reality check, as a heat wave is forecasted for the upcoming week, California’s grid operator on Tuesday warned that the excessive heat would stress the energy grid and conservation may be needed over the holiday weekend to avert power outages.

Californians may need to take measures to conserve energy, including by avoiding charging electric vehicles, to prevent strain on the state’s power grid, officials said—a week after state regulators voted on a plan to ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars.

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The California Independent System Operator said it issued an order restricting maintenance operations from August 31 through September 6 to ensure that all generators and transmission lines are in service. In a news release, the California ISO said it expects that it will issue calls for voluntary conservation of electricity through Flex alerts over the long weekend.

“During a Flex Alert, consumers are urged to reduce energy use from 4-9 p.m. when the system is most stressed because demand for electricity remains high and there is less solar energy available,” the release said.

California state lawmakers also approved a first-of-its-kind bill that supporters say could improve working conditions for roughly half a million fast-food employees in California and spur nationwide ramifications. Gov. Gavin Newsom has until Sept. 30, 2022, to sign or veto the legislation, amid stiff industry opposition.

AB 257 creates a Fast Food Council made up of workers, employers, and government agency representatives to set minimum standards that would apply to large chains with 100 or more establishments nationwide. The 10-member council would have the authority to boost minimum wages for cooks and cashiers to $22 an hour next year.

“This is more than just a labor fight. This is a fight about racial justice, this is a fight about gender justice,” said Joseph Bryant, executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union behind the drive. “Eighty percent of the workers are people of color who work in fast food. Two-thirds of the workers are women who work in fast food, and these workers are being exploited.”

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Opponents, such as the International Franchise Association, called AB 257 a “reckless bill” that would unfairly target the industry, increase fast-food prices for consumers, and risk putting small-franchise owners out of business.

Those concerns were echoed by diverse business groups, including the California Black Chamber of Commerce and the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce.

“Franchising has opened the door for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and millions of workers to establish a career, but this bill stands to break all that down while raising prices for Californians and forcing restaurants to close their doors,” said IFA’s President and CEO Matthew Haller in a statement.

“Gov. Newsom should stand up for local businesses, the people of California, and responsible government, and veto this legislation,” Haller committed.

Higher costs would translate into higher food prices and less employment in the industry, according to a UC Riverside School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development analysis earlier this month.

The center’s director, Christopher Thornberg, who authored the study, told KQED it was commissioned by the IFA and released before the announcement of final amendments to the bill, such as a cap on minimum wage increases.


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