New Yorker’s Say Biden Is: The Divider In Chief

For Americans who were unsure about how divided our nation was going into Joe Biden’s angry, divisive, and targeted speech against MAGA supporters on Thursday evening, they collectively received the same answer.

The “United States Of America” no longer exists, we are the divided states.

President Biden ran on being an uniter and called for unity. He kicked off his presidency by calling for the nation to work together in his inauguration speech.

Fox News asked New Yorkers to share their assessment of Biden’s America efforts to unite America after his first 20 months in office.

“He’s the most divisive president in the history of the United States, at least in my lifetime,” a union worker and registered Democrat, Jimmy, told Fox News.

An obvious Kool-aid drinking leftists names Karen said: ” I think it’s more divided than ever, and I think it has nothing to do with Biden, who has done his very best to unite the country.”

“The president has been clear that he thinks there’s an extremist threat to our democracy,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday, one day before Biden’s “battle for the soul of the nation” speech in Philadelphia.

Jamal said: “The country has never been unified. Whatever Biden said he was going to do hasn’t been done.”

But Bill said the U.S. is “fractured,” but less “than it was when President Trump was president.”

And a Vietnam War veteran, Mike, told Fox News that the current political divide makes the 1960s “look like a cocktail party.”

Jimmy said “we’ll be here for a while” if he listed all the reasons why he felt the divide was deepening.

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“We can start with the economy. The porous border. The double standard for vaccinations here in our country. Crime at an all-time high in Democratic supermajority cities,” Jimmy told Fox News.

But Karen said: “We have a Republican Party that won’t negotiate, will not sit down at the table, and is trying to repress the vote all over the country.”

Biden recently said “MAGA philosophy” is “like semi-fascism.” Earlier this year, he said Republicans were pushing an “ultra MAGA” agenda.

“This is not a fascist country,” Mike told Fox News. “Too many people gave too much to make sure that it’s not.”

Bill called Biden’s remark “a most unhelpful and ignorant statement. The Republicans that I know are far from being any fraction of fascism.”


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