New House Speaker Humble Christian, Supports Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden

On Wednesday, a universally unknown US House Representative, Mike Johnson (R-LA), was elected as the new House Speaker of the 118th United States Congress after twenty-two days and four floor votes.

During the roll call Johnson did not lose any Republican votes, receiving 220, 5 more than what was needed for him to claim the Speaker’s gavel.

Former GOP nominees Jim Jordan, Tom Emmer, Steve Scalise, and former speaker Kevin McCarthy voted for Johnson as House Speaker.

A humble Christian liked by the a majority of the GOP Caucus, Johnson acknowledged God’s plan in his victory.

“I believe that scripture and the Bible is very clear that God is the one that raised up each of you and God has allowed us to be brought here to this specific moment in time.”

Johnson has been a strong advocate of the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden for his involvement in the Biden family business.

During a September House floor speech, Johnson eloquently articulated three reasons to justify the inquiry initially launched by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA):

Recently Johnson drew attention to the latest development in the probe, slamming Joe Biden for accepting a $200,000 check from James Biden, who claims the money was not a part of a business agreement with his brother.

“@JoeBiden received $200k payment from his brother James— Hunter Biden’s business partner.”

“My friend@RepJamesComer is taking the next steps for us to hold the President accountable for his influence peddling scheme,” Johnson said. “No one should get away with this— especially a President.”

In what I consider confirmation that the GOP chose the the right man to be the House Speaker, the left is quickly firing back trying to assassinate Speaker Johnson’s character and are mischaracterizing his agenda.

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NBC compiled 5 concerns they wanted their readers to know about: “The little-known Louisianan, who won on the first ballot, rallied objections to 2020 election certification, won Trump’s hedged support and has a solidly conservative voting record.”

  1. His role in promoting 2020 election denial – “Johnson is a constitutional lawyer who has used his talents to craft some creative — and controversial — theories. The most notable is his role in devising an argument aimed at keeping Donald Trump in power even though he lost the 2020 election.”
  2. His solidly conservative voting record – “Johnson’s voting record has earned him a lifetime rating of 92% from the American Conservative Union and 90% from Heritage Action.”
  3. His opposition to abortion and LGBTQ rights – “Johnson has a spotless history of voting against legal abortion, earning an “A+” rating from Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. Abortion rights proponents have noted his work from 2010 as a senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, citing a letter in which he fought to shut down an abortion clinic in Baton Rouge.”
  4. He has Trump’s stamp of approval, sort of – “On Wednesday morning, hours before an expected vote, Donald Trump, the de facto leader of the Republican Party, said he wasn’t technically endorsing Johnson but suggesting the House elect him.”

    “I am not going to make an Endorsement in this race, because I COULD NEVER GO AGAINST ANY OF THESE FINE AND VERY TALENTED MEN, all of whom have supported me, in both mind and spirit, from the very beginning of our GREAT 2016 Victory. In 2024, we will have an even bigger, & more important, WIN! My strong SUGGESTION is to go with the leading candidate, Mike Johnson, & GET IT DONE, FAST!” Trump wrote on his social media platform.”

  5. A relatively inexperienced speaker – “With fewer than seven years under his belt, Johnson has a shorter length of service in the House than past speakers in modern history. Kevin McCarthy was in the House for 16 years before being elected speaker, Nancy Pelosi had 20 years of experience, Paul Ryan served for 16 years, and John Boehner had 20 years before ascending to the top job.”
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In addition, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said Wednesday on CNN’s “This Morning” that newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is an “extreme right-wing ideologue.”

Jeffries said, “I don’t know Mike Johnson well. Based on his track record, he clearly appears to be an extreme right-wing ideologue.”

He continued, “Mike Johnson wants to criminalize abortion care and impose a nationwide ban. Mike Johnson was one of the chief architects of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Mike Johnson also wants to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Those are extreme views.”

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