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New Book Reveals Biden Reportedly Furious Over Manchin Spending Block – ‘You’re Really F***ing Me’

One of the selling points the Biden campaign tried to use against President Trump, was that the US needed a grandpa Joe who could bring civility and calmness back to the Oval Office.

Those who did not know the former Vice-President’s history of anger outbursts, relationships with KKK members, and sexual assault allegations bought into the idea of having a “fatherly” figure leading our nation following 4 years of Trump’s “mean tweets”.

Well, almost immediately after being sworn in, President Joe Biden resumed his “in your face” style of governing which has been on display during his 45-year political career.

After running into delays in getting his policy agenda through the Democratic-controlled Congress, Biden reportedly pressured Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin to support the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package during a March 5 phone call, the eve of the Senate’s vote, according to a new book.

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