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My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Claims FBI Surrounded His Car, Seized Cell Phone

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell became nationally known for upbeat and frequent television, print, and online marketing of his pillows and other products.

Everyone liked Mike until he became one of the most vocal defenders of former President Donald Trump following the disputed 2020 Presidential election.

Lindell claimed yesterday during a Livestream that the FBI surrounded his vehicle while he was on a hunting trip and seized his cell phone.

The agents served Lindell with a search warrant and grand jury subpoena Tuesday afternoon in the drive-through area of a Hardee’s restaurant in Mankato, Minn., he said on his online TV show.

Lindell said the agents questioned him about Tina Peters, the Mesa County, Colo., a clerk who was indicted in March on charges that she helped an outsider copy sensitive data from the county’s elections systems in May 2021.

“I have my own breaking news tonight,” Lindell said on his show.

“This afternoon I was, I went down hunting in Iowa for the early teal season with my friend this morning at 4 a.m. We got up headed down to Iowa. We were coming back and we stopped to get — go through a Hardee’s in Mankato, where I was born, in Mankato, Minnesota. And cars pulled up in front of us, to the side of us, and behind us, and I said, ‘Those are either bad guys or the FBI.’ It turns out they were the FBI.”

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Lindell claimed that one of the FBI agents told him, “Well, I got some bad news. … we’re taking your cell phone, we have a warrant for your cell phone.”

Lindell says that he resisted giving his cell phone to the agents. “I run five companies off that, I don’t have a computer, my hearing aids run off this,” Lindell said. “Everything runs off my phone.”

The MyPillow CEO said that he called a lawyer who told him to turn over the phone to the FBI.

Lindell also displayed a letter the FBI gave Mike, asking him not to disclose the existence of the investigation, but he decided to reveal it during his show’s Livestream with a laugh.


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