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Mumbling Biden Apologizes To Global Climate Leaders For Trump’s Actions

The United States has been considered the world leader, the global big brother following its intervention and defeating of fascist regimes in World War 1 and World War 2.

The nation’s current Chief Executive Officer, globalist President Joe Biden, traveled to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt to deliver remarks at the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

In the speech, Biden looked tired and struggled to present himself as the leader of the free world.

As Biden announced that the US has re-entered the globalist’s Paris Climate Accord,  the audience clapped in a tepid approval, leading Joe to apologize for Trump pulling out of the anti-American, anti-fossil fuel agreement.

Biden once again struggled to read his teleprompter and spoke gibberish, creating a quiet empathy in the room for the mentally declining 79-year-old senior citizen.

Joe mixed up his words with an included quote, confusing even himself.

“Help turbocharge the emer—the ener, the, the—excuse me—turbocharge the emerging global clean ener—clean energy economy,” Biden said.

“I was reading their quote. Sorry,” Biden said.

Benny Johnson posted the video in his tweet, commenting that teleprompters “OWN” basement Biden.


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