More Anti-Semitism: 65-year-Old Jewish Man Killed at Pro-Palestinian Rally in L.A.

Once again an unhinged domestic terrorist crossed the line by violently attacking someone they disagreed with.

On Monday the anti-semitic attack on a Jewish man from Los Angeles led to his death.

He was allegedly struck in the head by a megaphone wielded by pro-Palestinian protester at an anti-Israel rally.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles confirmed the death in a statement Monday, saying it was the “fourth major antisemitic crime committed in Los Angeles this year alone.”

According to a report by The Yeshiva World, the victim was involved in an altercation that took place on Westlake Blvd in Ventura County during the demonstration on Sunday.

As reported, the Jewish man was walking near the protest, and an altercation broke out between the unnamed victim and a young protester when suddenly he was hit in the head by the pro-Palestinian protester.

The instrument of assault was allegedly a megaphone, the blow from which caused the man to fall onto the ground, suffering a severe head injury. Eyewitnesses recounted the horrifying scene of seeing the victim fall bleeding to the ground while a woman bearing a sign that read “free Palestine” rushed to provide assistance.

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Local news channel KTLA reported:

A 65-year-old Jewish man has died after an altercation at a pro-Palestinian rally in Thousand Oaks, Jewish community leaders announced on Monday.

The incident unfolded around 3:15 p.m. near the busy intersection of Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Westlake Road where, according to fire officials, authorities first received a call of a “fight in progress” with an elderly man “down.”

A video posted to social media shows the man lying on the ground with an obvious head injury as two people, including a pro-Palestinian demonstrator, try to help.

Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz, providing first-hand account details in a social media post on X, verified that the 65-year-old Jewish victims’ name was Paul Kessler.

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“Paul Kessler a 65 year old Jewish man, who was pro-Israel was beaten to death in Los Angeles by a pro-Palestinian activist with a megaphone. The victim was evacuated to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The LAPD has confirmed this.”

Local Fox affiliate KTTV-11 added:

“Reports on social media said the man was holding an Israeli flag among the group of pro-Palestine demonstrators, when one demonstrator allegedly hit the man on the head with a megaphone.”

“The hit allegedly caused the man to fall down and hit his head. Video on social media just showed the man on the ground holding his head after the fall.”

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