Monkey Madness – WHO To Rename Monkeypox Virus Over Racism, CDC Issues Sex Guidance

For many decades, those who have expressed concerns over certain scientific research, political activities, or various other reasons, have been ostracized as being unstable, those who wear “tin foil hats”.

Political correctness, social justice, and globalism, on the other hand, have been adopted by a majority of global organizations and US-based corporations.

For example, The World Health Organization (WHO) will officially rename monkeypox, over supposed concerns over racism surrounding the virus, which has only infected 1,600+ people in more than two dozen countries.

This is similar to when the WHO moved quickly to rename SARS-CoV-2 after people around the world referred to it as the China or Wuhan virus in the absence of an official designation.

The far left, hyper globalists, and the WHO director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced Tuesday morning that the organization is “working with partners and experts from around the world on changing the name of monkeypox virus, its clades and the disease it causes.”

More than 30 international scientists said last week that the monkeypox label is discriminatory and stigmatizing, and there’s an “urgent” need to rename it. The current name doesn’t fit with WHO guidelines that recommend avoiding geographic regions and animal names, a spokesperson said.

“In the context of the current global outbreak, continued reference to, and nomenclature of this virus being African is not only inaccurate but is also discriminatory and stigmatizing,” the scientists’ group said in a letter online.

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In plain speech, these scientists are saying that the racist comparison of a monkey, with people originating in Africa, might create a flare-up over the name of this virus, hurting people’s feelings.

The WHO is consulting experts in orthopoxviruses—the family to which monkeypox belongs—on more appropriate names, a spokesperson said.

Other disease names that run counter to the guidelines include swine flu, according to joint recommendations from the WHO, the World Organization for Animal Health, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Naming diseases “should be done with the aim to minimize the negative impact,” the spokesperson said in an email, “and avoid causing offense to any cultural, social, national, regional, professional or ethnic groups.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has issued some strange sex guidance on stopping the spread of monkeypox.

In line with rejecting the simple approach of abstinence, the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something, the U.S. government assembled and publish guidance to those infected with soars on their bodies, who just can’t resist sexual activity for a period of time.

Some of the guidance includes masturbating at least six feet away from a partner, avoiding kissing, having virtual sex, and “having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash or sores are present.”

Additionally, those infected with monkeypox — or who are presumed to be carrying the virus — are asked to wash their hands, “fetish gear, sex toys, and any fabrics” that may have come into contact with infected areas during sexual intercourse.

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“Talk to your partner about any recent illness and be aware of new or unexplained sores or rashes on your body or your partner’s body, including the genitals and anus,” the organization suggested.

“If you or your partner have recently been sick, currently feel sick, or have a new or an unexplained rash or sores, do not have sex and see a healthcare provider. This is always a good plan, even if monkeypox isn’t in your area.” they added.


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