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Migrants Surge to US Border in Fear of Trump’s Potential Victory: ‘We Don’t Want Trump’

As the United States approaches a pivotal presidential election, a significant surge of migrants is reported at the southern border. Fearing a potential return to power by former President Donald Trump, thousands of migrants are rushing to enter the U.S. while President Joe Biden remains in office. The surge is driven by the perception that a Trump victory in November would herald a return to stringent immigration policies.

Migrants from various countries are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border in increasing numbers, hoping to cross before any potential changes in administration could make their journey more perilous or futile. “We don’t want Trump,” said a migrant from Guatemala, highlighting the widespread apprehension that Trump’s re-election could reinstate harsh measures that characterized his previous term. This sentiment is echoed across numerous migrant communities, many of whom view the current administration as more sympathetic and accessible.

According to reports, there has been a noticeable uptick in border crossings and encounters. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has reported a substantial increase in migrant apprehensions in recent months. This surge is attributed to the migrants’ belief that Biden’s administration offers a more lenient stance on immigration compared to Trump’s hardline approach.

The policies of the Biden administration have indeed differed significantly from those of Trump. Under Biden, certain restrictive measures, such as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, were rolled back. This has created a perception among migrants that entering the U.S. is more achievable under the current administration. However, the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election has triggered a sense of urgency among migrants, fearing that the window of opportunity may soon close.

Ricardo (second from right) and Sebastian (right) take a selfie with fellow migrants at the Phoenix airport.

Colombian brothers Ricardo, 20, and Sebastian, 18, spoke with The Post after crossing the Arizona border illegally last week.

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They said they had been receiving assistance at the Yuma Regional Center for Border Health as they waited for a bus to the Phoenix airport, where they later caught a flight to New Jersey.

“We think with the elections, it will be harder,” Ricardo said.

“We don’t want Trump,” Sebastian said.

The New York Post reports that many migrants are openly expressing their fears about a Trump resurgence. One migrant from Honduras stated, “Trump is very tough on immigrants. We are worried that if he returns, it will be almost impossible for us to get through.” These testimonies underscore a broader anxiety about the potential reinstatement of strict border policies.

This surge has significant implications not only for the migrants themselves but also for U.S. border management and national security. Border facilities are already strained, and an influx of migrants could exacerbate these challenges, leading to overcrowded facilities and stretched resources.

The political ramifications of this migration surge are profound. The contrast between Biden’s and Trump’s immigration policies is stark, with the former adopting a more humane approach compared to the latter’s stringent enforcement. As the election looms, this issue is poised to become a central point of contention.

Conservative critics argue that the current administration’s policies have encouraged illegal immigration. They claim that the perceived leniency has acted as a magnet, drawing more migrants to the border. This viewpoint suggests that a firmer stance, as advocated by Trump, is necessary to maintain border security and uphold immigration laws.

Experts weigh in on the situation, analyzing the potential outcomes of the upcoming election on immigration patterns. “If Trump wins, we can expect a dramatic shift in immigration policy back to the strict enforcement seen during his first term,” says a political analyst. This potential shift is influencing the decisions of thousands of migrants who are making desperate attempts to cross the border before any changes take effect.

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The current administration faces a complex dilemma. On one hand, maintaining a humane and orderly immigration process is a stated priority. On the other, the administration must contend with the realities of border security and the political pressures that come with it.

The rush to cross the border ahead of the November election underscores the broader anxieties and challenges surrounding U.S. immigration policy. As migrants flood to the border in hopes of a more favorable reception under Biden, the potential shift back to Trump-era policies looms large.

This situation encapsulates the stark differences in immigration philosophy between the current administration and its predecessor. The outcome of the election will not only determine the direction of U.S. immigration policy but will also have profound impacts on the lives of thousands of migrants seeking a better future.

As November approaches, the U.S. faces a pivotal moment in its handling of immigration. The surge at the border is a testament to the high stakes and the human dimensions of this complex issue. The decisions made by the electorate will reverberate far beyond the borders, affecting countless lives and shaping the future of U.S. immigration policy.


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