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Media Furious At NBC’s Dasha Burns For Reporting The Truth On Unfit PA Candidate Fetterman

Last summer there was a growing consensus that a GOP red wave in the November 8th midterm elections was fading.

Many of the Democrat’s weaker candidates’ decided to try to run out the clock instead of actively debating their opponents.

They basically pulled out their copy of Joe Biden’s, how to get elected from your basement playbook.

One of the candidates, who had a significant double-digit lead in his race for the open US Senate Seat in Pennsylvania against Dr. Oz, John Fetterman, went to his basement following his stroke in May. He appears to still struggle with auditory processing five months later.

The problem for Fetterman’s campaign is the out-of-control inflation numbers, and gasoline prices, along with increasing violence nationwide, etc, have reduced Fetterman’s lead to only 2 points.

The possibility of Oz passing Fetterman in the polls has forced the unfit democratic candidate to look for safe networks for interviews. NBC News journalist Dasha Burns was given access to Fetterman and her interview debuted on Tuesday’s NBC News’s nightly news.

Fetterman’s use of closed captioning aiding him during the interview and Burns’, an employee of NBC News for over six years, subsequent reporting of his frailty was immediately counteracted and framed as speculative by the network.

On Wednesday morning, Burns appeared on NBC’s News morning show Today with Savannah Guthrie to speak about her interview with Fetterman.

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After Burns’ report, Guthrie’s follow-up question cast doubt on Burns’s reporting by suggesting Burns’s interview experience was an outlier among many others with the candidate.

Since then, other journalists who also dealt with Fetterman came forward and said they had a different experience,” Guthrie charged Burns.

“We can only report our own interview,” Burns justified her report. “According to the campaign itself, our team was the first to be in the room with Fetterman for an interview rather than via remote video conference.”

Burns added her entire interview team noticed that without closed captaining, Fetterman was unable properly process the conversation. “Myself, my producer, and our crew did find that small talk before that captioning was difficult because of the auditory processing issues I mentioned,” she said.

“Now stroke experts do say that this does not mean he has any cognitive impairment, doesn’t mean his memory or cognition is impaired and he can fully recover and fully recover from this,” Burns continued to justify her report.

“And once the closed captioning was on, he was able to fully answer questions throughout that 25-minute interview, which we publish in full online later today,” Burns continued.

Radical establishment writers slammed Burns, coming to Fetterman’s defense.

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Kara Swisher, a contributing editor at New York, scolded Burns’s reporting as false “nonsense.”

“Sorry to say but I talked to John Fetterman for over an hour without stop or any aides and this is just nonsense. Maybe this reporter is just bad at small talk,” she said.

Adam Rogers with Business Insider slammed Burns for making up a storyline. “Any news outlets genuinely wondering about his health could send a health/medicine reporter,” he said. “Maybe don’t just invent a storyline.”

Via HotAir

Twitchy has collated some of those from other journalists, including those who claim to have communicated with Fetterman without any issue. Those other journalists didn’t do in-person interviews, Burns tells Guthrie, and even the campaign acknowledged that Burns was the first in-person television interview the Senate candidate has had since his stroke five months ago:

The Democratic election machine is in disarray over the Fetterman story, as they had most likely put him down as winning the seat, and in pen

If Dr. Oz ends up winning, holding the seat for the GOP, the ods of Mitchell McConnell becoming the Senate Majority leader again on January 20, 2023, increases considerably.


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