Have you seen Nancy Pelosi lately? The reality of aging has set in on the 80 years old Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, serving California’s 12th congressional district which includes San Francisco. Since President Trump’s first day in office, her rhetoric and actions have become vindictive and partisan, even including an attempted coup d’etat.

In the midst of the “Pandemic”, the Speaker has attempted to fully shift the blame for CV-19 onto the President Of The United States, Donald J. Trump. She is now, in her attempt to be relevant, taking President Trump’s identification of CV-19, China Virus, and using Trump Virus instead.

The democratic party has been working with and protecting China for decades. Passing one-sided trade deals, not punishing them for intellectual property theft, not calling them out of their currency manipulation, and now, helping China lie about the origins of CV-19. And we can’t forget Joe’s One Billion dollar deal for Hunter, with the Chinese government and Senator Feinstein’s Chinese Communist Spy, driving her to the Capital for many years.

From Breitbart

During a press conference on Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) referring to coronavirus as “the Trump virus” is promoting Chinese Communist Party propaganda and wondered, “what does the Chinese Communist Party have on the Democrats? Why can’t they hold them accountable?”

McCarthy said, “China’s deception has directly led to Americans’ deaths. China covered up the truth about the virus. China hoarded personal protective equipment and tried to extort other countries for political leverage. Now, China is trying to hack our vaccines, which will harm our ability to serve the world and solve this problem.

China is no friend to the United States, and that fact is clear to everyone except the Democrats. … My question to my Democratic colleagues is simple: Are you willing to step up to stop these escalating threats from China, or will you continue to defend the actions of the Chinese Communist Party. Their actions and words continue to show Democrats have a China problem.”

He added, “Why does the speaker promote their propaganda by trying to blame the president of the United States for the Chinese Communist Party’s lies, even calling the virus the name of our president? … My final question would be: What does the Chinese Communist Party have on the Democrats? Why can’t they hold them accountable?”

China can’t be trusted, their China-funded Confucius Institutes must be removed from all our universities, and we need to block their access to any of our intellectual property and move quickly to cut ties with them monetarily. Communism and the USA, are not compatible so we don’t keep playing with the evil dragon from Beijing?

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