A Man, Who Thinks A Woman, Impregnates Two Female Inmates At Women’s Prison

Here we go again, another incarcerated man who thinks he is a woman, slept with woman prisoners anyway, and guess what happened?

After impregnating two inmates at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women, Demi Minor, who is 27 years old, was moved to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility last month, according to a report from

New Jersey has been allowing transgender inmates to choose to be housed with prisoners matching their “gender identity” thanks to a settlement agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Jersey which previously sued over their policies.

Per the agreement, the Department of Corrections had to keep the policy in place for one year — which ran out last month.

Dan Sperrazza, a DOC spokesman, told that the department is still operating under the policy, but “is currently reviewing the policy for housing transgender incarcerated persons with the intention of implementing minor modifications.”

Minor is now fighting to be moved back to a women’s prison, as they are currently being housed with minor boys.

According to a blog post on the Justice 4 Demi website, Minor claims that “I was transferred to New Jersey State Prison, where guards continued to call me he and him….I was called he and him well over 30 times, this has not happened to me in years being referred to primarily as a man.”

Minor claims that the DOC “violated my right to be safe and free from sexual harassment, by putting me in one of the most violent youths Correctional facilities. While living here at GYSC, I have found myself under attack by young inmates who are immature and just plain ignorant towards a person like me.”

“I don’t think DOC realizes the psychological damage that has been done from moving me out of a women’s prison to a male facility, harsh and, I don’t know what it’s like to live as a man, and In refuse to ever revert back to such habits or behavior,” the blog post continued.

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The post went on to complain that the prison does not have cable or LGBT groups.

“Mentally I have not been myself and I am losing my essence,” Minor said. “The Demi, who wants to wear make-up and hang out with her friends is not permitted here. They have said that I can have my make-up but the truth is we know it’s a death wish, it’s literally going to cause more harassment. I have accepted that I am in a male facility but I have not accepted nor will I ever agree to or accept that I am anything other than a woman who happens to be transgender.”

Minor will not be eligible for parole until 2037.

In a more violent case, an inmate at Illinois’ largest women’s prison says she was raped by a transgender inmate who was transferred into her housing unit last year and claims Illinois Department of Corrections officials conducted a “sham investigation” to help cover up the incident.

In a federal lawsuit, a Jane Doe inmate at the Logan Correctional Center in central Illinois said that after being sexually assaulted in June 2019, she was coerced by a supervisory officer into denying the attack took place and then punished for filing a “false” complaint under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

Enough already, house these men in men’s prisons.

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