Left Now Accusing Trump Of Calling For FBI Uprising

As Americans watch the hand-to-hand combat taking place between the previous Chief Executive Officer and the current occupant of the White House, the behind the scene tensions must be off the chart across the nation.

Former President Trump’s public statements and Truth Social posts indicate that he is becoming increasingly frustrated with the deep states’ new witch hunt, one that is being pursued by the corrupt Department of Justice and FBI.

The left is all in trying to get Trump arrested, hoping to prevent him from running again in 2024.

The far, far left New York Times editorial board called on AG Garland to seek an indictment of Trump if there is ‘sufficient evidence’.

The far-left online website, Mediate, is implying that Trump wants is calling for an insurrection in the FBI.

“On Friday, a heavily redacted affidavit was released and revealed that prior to the search, federal agents were “concerned” the former president was still in possession of classified and top secret documents in an unsecured location, and that Trump’s team had not been forthcoming about the documents in numerous interactions with the National Archives.”

The affidavit said there was “probable cause to believe that evidence of obstruction will be found at” Mar-a-Lago.

The New York Times insists Trump’s possession of these documents is a serious crime and detailed the extensive efforts authorities went to retrieve the trove of documents Trump held at his Florida resort.

Despite the facts of the case, in a TruthSocial post from Sunday Trump sought to undermine FBI leadership by seeking to stoke distrust and anger inside the agency.

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“When are the great Agents, and others, in the FBI going to say ‘we aren’t going to take it anymore,” much as they did when James Comey read off a list of all of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s crimes, only to say that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute.,” Trump said.

“The wonderful people of the FBI went absolutely “nuts,” so Comey had to backtrack and do a FAKE INVESTIGATION in order to keep them at bay,” he continued. “The end result, we won in 2016 (and did MUCH better in 2020!). But now the ‘Left’ has lost their minds!!!”

At roughly 2 a.m. Monday, he re-upped this message posting, “FBI, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

It’s not clear what Trump means exactly by going “nuts.” But according to the anti-Trumpers, it is clear that Trump is looking to drive a wedge between FBI and DOJ leadership and the rank and file.

To me, this accusation by the left is of course absurd.

Mr. Trump is entitled via his first amended rights to share his frustrations with the bogus investigation and to ask those who still stand for truth, including the rank and file in the FBI to take a stand for justice.


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