LA Democrat Mayor Wants To “Lower Standards” For LAPD’s Police Recruits

For the past few decades, social justice activists have intentionally infiltrated various organizations working to advance their racial, divisive agenda.

Instead of the most qualified person getting the job or promotion, leftists continue their unattainable pursuit of “equity”. They insist that the standards for those from marginalized communities should be lowered, instead of working to help them get them up to universal department standards.

At times their discrimination against white Americans has backfired. The city of Philadelphia paid $275,000 to settle a suit brought by five white firefighters who claimed they were the victims of racial discrimination in a promotion exam.

The firefighters said in a complaint first filed in federal court in 2007 that they received lower grades during a fire captain’s exam than black candidates, and that 10 out of 14 people brought in to administer the exam were black.

“Caucasian Fire Captain candidates were systematically or otherwise downgraded during the oral portion of this Fire Captain’s examination,” the plaintiffs said in an amended complaint filed in April 2008.

Black candidates got advance notice of the oral section of the exam to give them an advantage, the suit says.

In the latest example, the recently elected Los Angeles Democrat mayor is seeking to drop standards for new police recruits.

Mayor Karen Bass recently told the Los Angeles Times that she desires big changes at the Los Angeles Police Department, prioritized in this order: “crime reduction, personnel reform, alternative response, and community policing.”

According to a summary of her public safety goals obtained by the Times, Bass now wants to bring in “more diverse candidates” and more candidates in general.

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While she would like to see more detectives as staffing the LAPD is a department-wide problem, 600 of the force’s 9,200 officers are expected to retire or leave in the next year.

National Police Association spokeswoman Ret. Sgt. Betsy Branter Smith noted in October that Los Angeles was among the cities suffering severe staffing issues after the anti-police rhetoric of 2020.

The personnel department is being commissioned to  increase the number of new recruits and lateral hires by 500 a year, “including innovative recruitment strategies targeting non-traditional talents such as social workers, teachers, and nurses.”

One provision in Bass’ summary of goals says a deputy mayor will work with a “third party” to “evaluate the personnel process and identify obstacles to entry for recruits who fail to qualify for training.”

To accommodate classically unqualified candidates, recommendations aimed at removing obstacles to recruitment will be considered, especially those in relation to “ethnic groups disproportionately left out of new officer training.”

Tom Saggau, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Protective League, expressed concern that in the LAPD’s apparent rush to onboard new recruits, it was effectively lowering job standards. By lowering the mental and physical fitness requirements for recruits, the LAPD could face worse problems than dwindling numbers.

Saggau told Fox News Digital, “We think that particular provision or that goal or that idea is dangerous.”

“If you have police officers that can’t make minimum qualifications or attained minimum standards, for instance, there are recruits that have been in the academy that just can’t score the minimum requirements for a physical fitness test,” added Saggau. “One hundred is the maximum score, 50 is acceptable. There are folks that are scoring under 10. That’s just dangerous.”

Those apparently deemed fit for termination are only officers with alleged links to “right-wing” domestic extremist groups as not candidates or existing officers who have been identified, disciplined, or terminated for supporting left-wing domestic terrorist groups (e.g., Antifa, Black Panthers, Jane’s Revenge).

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