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KY Police Officer Saves ‘Lifeless’ Week-Old Baby by Performing CPR

In recent years, the brave men and women in blue have been under immense pressure and even hated by a small but vocal group of self-proclaimed social justice warriors.

The reality is officers in local cities around the country are well trained, humble and the first most people turn to when in trouble.

A Kentucky officer recently performed CPR on a week-old baby girl who stopped breathing, saving her life.

On July 1, Louisville Metro Police 1st Division officers Noah Cole and Nick Greene were inside a gas station when a man told them that his baby daughter, Emma, had stopped breathing. The officers immediately rushed outside to help, as seen in a video posted to the police department’s Facebook page.

“It was a little language barrier between us, and he said my baby’s ‘no bueno,’ meaning ‘my baby’s no good,’ so we just ran outside to see what the situation was.” Green later explained in an interview.

In body-camera footage captured by Officer Cole, Officer Greene is shown performing “back blows,” a life-saving measure, on the newborn as her parents watched.

“We are happy to share that Baby Emma is doing fine! Thank you to Emma’s family for allowing us to share the video!” the post on the police department’s Facebook page said.

“The baby was in the mother’s hands, and it was lifeless at that point,” Greene noted. “We didn’t know if she was breathing or anything at all.”

Moments later, Emma began breathing again. Emma and her mother can both be seen crying in the video.

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“She started screaming, so that was a sign of relief,” Greene said.

EMS also arrived shortly after and took Emma to the hospital. Greene shared that the baby has since recovered and is “doing well” at home with her family.

“I believe the baby’s doing well, he said. “I haven’t talked to the family, but from the pictures I received, the baby is healthy and happy.”

During an interview with the officers, Officer Cole stressed the importance of helping others in need, CBN News reports.

“When we have our interviews into the police department, I’m pretty sure everybody says, ‘Hey, I want to help somebody,'” Cole said. “This is just one of the things that we do every day. We try to help somebody.”

This story reminds of that life is precious, a gift from God.

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