Kari Lake WINS Again – Judge Allows Election Fraud Trial, Starts Wednesday

On Monday, Kari Lake’s attorney argued against AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobb’s motion to dismiss her case.

Hobbs who ran against Lake, while also being responsible for overseeing the election, refused to recuse herself raising red flags before the first ballot was processed during early voting.

Even though election day was a fiasco leaving tens of thousands of voters in Maricopa county feeling disfranchised, Hobbs wanted a judge to stop a deeper look into alleged fraud claims.

Here is part of Kari Lake’s lawsuit:

“Maricopa County election officials engaged in numerous breaches of Arizona election law in their handling and custody of ballots, making it impossible to conclude that the vote tallies reported by Maricopa County accurately reflect the votes cast by Arizona voters.”

“Maricopa County officials also permitted the counting of tens of thousands of mail-in and drop box ballots that did not satisfy signature verification requirements. Signature verification, whereby the signature on the ballot envelope is compared to the voter’s signature on file to help confirm that the person who completed the ballot is actually the voter, is one of the most important methods of preventing mail-in ballot fraud. If the signature associated with the ballot does not match the signature on file with the government, the ballot cannot be counted unless the signature mismatch is properly cured.”

Below is an example of a 2020 ballot envelope submitted in Maricopa County with the ballot signature shown on the left and official file signature of the voter shown on the right.

“The fact that these two signatures do not match is clear even from a cursory glance.  Maricopa County election officials allowed tens of thousands of ballots with signature mismatches like this one to be counted in 2020. They did the same thing in the 2022 general election.”

“The official election results certified by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in the marquee race at the top of the ballot, a contest for the governorship between Hobbs herself and Kari Lake, showed a difference in votes between the two candidates of approximately 0.67% (17,117 votes out of about 2,559,485 cast). The separation of votes between Hobbs and Lake is far narrower than the number of presumptively illegal and illegally cast ballots in Arizona.”

“The fact that 72% of voters don’t believe this election can be trusted is a wakeup call. The Election Day debacle, together with other illegal and improper procedures through which the election was administer”

Unlike former President Trump’s legal efforts against election fraud in 2020, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson agreed with Lake and dismissed the defendant’s motion to dismiss her election fraud lawsuit.

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The judge ruled that two of Kari Lake’s 10 election fraud claims can go to trial.

The two counts that Judge Thompson ruled can go to trial involve printers malfunctioning on Election Day and ballot chain of custody. Lake claimed printers that malfunctioned were not certified and had “vulnerabilities” that made them “susceptible to hacking.” She also claimed the printers malfunctioned because of “intentional action.”

The trial will proceed with evidentiary hearings on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Hobbs, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, and County Recorder Stephen Richer would be required to testify.

Judge Thompson said Lake must prove at trial that someone interfered with the printers in violation of Arizona law, that the interference caused her to lose votes and that those lost votes affected the outcome of the election.

As for the chain of custody issue, Lake claimed employees of the county’s ballot contractor violated the “County Election Manual” when they added ballots of family members and also failed to secure an “Inbound Receipt of Delivery.” Judge Thompson said whether the county complied with its own manual and applicable statutes is a dispute of fact rather than one of law.

Lake reacted to the ruling on Twitter, writing: “BREAKING: Our Election Case is going to trial. Katie Hobbs attempt to have our case thrown out FAILED. She will have to take the stand & testify. Buckle up, America. This is far from over.”

This is the FIRST time an election case has gone to trial since 2020!

A Runbeck Election Services employee whistleblower revealed in Lake’s filing that:

  1. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ballots had no chain of custody documentation.
  2. Twenty-five thousand ballots were added to Maricopa County’s totals after election day with no explanation of why the number of remaining ballots could increase.
  3. Tens if not HUNDREDS of thousands of mail-in ballots with mismatched signatures were illegally counted in violation of Arizona law.
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Ross Trumble shared this breaking news on Twitter.

Read the full decision here and below:

So America let’s see what happens when a judge allows for evidence to be presented in a court of law.

Hopefully, Kari Lakes’ team can now back up their claims and leave it all on the field in their pursuit of justice.


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