Joe’s Secret Service Protects Hunter, Closes “Cocaine In WH” Investigation

The American citizen’s expectation and right to be considered innocent until proven guilty has been a bedrock of our legal system since the signing of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

The problem is, our nation’s founding fathers’ governmental system was founded on the idea that those serving in the 3 new branches of the new Constitutional Republic would fear God and treat all citizens equally in light of the law.

John Adams said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Morality and virtue are the foundation of our republic and necessary for a society to be free.

With Marxist ideology slowly creeping into the American education system for the past 100-plus years and godless radicals winning elections and thus taking positions of power, including judgeships, the political left now uses until proven guilty to continually break the law with impunity but deny their actions in the public square.

The result; a Two-Tiered Justice System in our nation.

For example, President Joe Biden’s family has a huge amount of damning and embarrassing information in the public record with possible additional criminal charges coming, but as of today, they have avoided prosecutions due to a corrupt AG and FBI providing cover for them.

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One exception is Joe’s son Hunter recently received a sweetheart deal to avoid jail time and everyone knows it. The presidential son will plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses and then avoid prosecution on the gun charge entirely, provided he abides by whatever promises of good behavior that the judge imposes.

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Even though Hunter uploaded hundreds of photos, videos, and emails onto his abandoned infamous laptop showing a pattern of heavy lude and some illegal behavior including crack and cocaine use, the FBI who took possession of the laptop before the 2020 presidential election sat of the information allowing Joe to win the close contest.

So when cocaine was recently discovered in the White House the obvious culprit would be Hunter. But not so fast says the deep state. With his plea deal requiring drug testing and pending approval signed off by the judge, the Secret Service opened an investigation into who could have possibly left the white substance sitting around.

Following a clumsy and dishonest investigation, Biden’s Secret Service is reporting they could not figure out who entered the White House and left the drugs behind. The obvious question is would they have been so unsuccessful if the power was a poisonous substance that killed the president, etc?

Well in the end the investigation is closed and the White House wants the story to just go away.

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CNN reported:

The Secret Service has concluded its investigation into the small bag of cocaine found at the White House and has been unable to identify a suspect, two sources familiar with the investigation told CNN.

Secret Service officials combed through visitor logs and surveillance footage of hundreds of individuals who entered the West Wing in the days preceding the discovery and were unable to identify a suspect, one of the sources said.

Investigators were also unable to identify the particular moment or day when the baggie was left inside the West Wing cubby near the lower level entrance where it was discovered.

The second source said that the leading theory remains that it was left by one of the hundreds of visitors who entered the West Wing that weekend for tours and were asked to leave their phones inside those cubbies.

The cubbies where the small bag of cocaine was found is a blind spot for surveillance cameras, according to a source familiar with the investigation. While there’s surveillance around where the bag was found, cameras are not trained directly on the West Wing cubbies near the lower-level entrance where it was discovered, the source said, making it difficult to identify who left the bag behind.

Many on Capitol Hill are rejecting the failed attempt by the Secret Service.

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Rep. Burchett is even accusing the Biden White House of a cover-up.

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