MSNBC’s Scarborough Begs Schumer To Stop “Extremist” McCarthy From Defunding The FBI

On Tuesday the far left confirmed they are stressed, and fearful, about the next two years following the GOP taking back control of the US House of Representatives.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was lamenting, insisting that he and others are fearful that Kevin McCarthy and the new GOP House majority would defund the Democrat’s modern-day version of Germany’s STASI state security, the FBI.

The self-proclaimed former republican invited Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to appear on his morning show asking if there was anything he can do to stop them.

“We are fearful of the next two years. So let me tell you how some conservatives that I know, who used to vote Republican, are fearful of the next two years and want to know what you and what the Senate can do to protect the institutions that keep Americans safe,” Scarborough began.

“But people that helped, that was instrumental in helping Kevin McCarthy become speaker of the House have been pounding the FBI and have been talking about defunding the FBI, defunding intel agencies, when these are the agencies that push back against Chinese espionage, against Russian espionage, against our enemies’ espionage. And the same with the U.S. military,” Joe continued.

“You have Republican colleagues in the U.S. Senate that have talked about how the U.S. military is weak, how they wish they were more like Russia’s military. You have the most watched people on cable news talking about how U.S. military helicopters used in Afghanistan are going to attack Trump supporters,” Morning Joe added.

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“They attack the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. I talk about all this because, yes, it is radical and yes, we know they will lose 2024 if they continue this radical I say anti-American approach, attacking our men and women in the military and intel.”

“What I want to know as a conservative who’s scared of these people who attack our military and our FBI professionals, what can you guys do, what can you senators do to protect America from the extremists that put Kevin McCarthy in power so they don’t slash the military budget, so they don’t attack the FBI, so they don’t defund the FBI.”

What can you guys do?” he asked Schumer.

“Well, we certainly aren’t going to let them defund the FBI,” the far-left Senator began. “And given that we have the majority in the Senate and I have the ability to put bills on the floor, we will make sure they can’t do that. Many of their radical things will be stopped in the Senate because we have a Democratic majority.”

Schumer added, “But I’d go a little further, Joe. I think you answered your own question in a certain sense. The American people proved in this last election, and it made me joyous, really, that they were going to reject this kind of extremism. And all these crazy people who ran for the Secretaries of State and all these other offices lost, even in redish state.”

“And I think that as our mainstream Republicans — there are no moderates anymore, but the non-MAGA ones — go home, they will talk to people who say the following, just sort of what you said, ‘I was a Bush Republican. “I’m a Reagan Republican. I can’t live with this Republican Party. Don’t let it go this way.”

“And Democracy, as you know, we have talked about this over the decades, is a slow but very, very strong force. The roots of this democracy are deep. I think that’s what the election showed…And we did have Republicans join us. I will work as hard as I can, as I did the last two years, to get them to join us again. And if we can do that in the Senate, I think it will also send a message to the mainstream Republicans in the House, ‘Join us. Don’t stick with this MAGA wing. It’s bad for America and bad for your own future.”


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