Joe Rogan Tells Americans To “Vote Republican” Over Dems Pandemic Mistakes

On Saturday, during the recording of the latest episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan sat with NFL superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rogan told Americans who were forced to stay in place, close their businesses, and were harassed over COVID-19 mandates during the pandemic to “Vote Republican.”

The 100 million dollar man’s comments were made while they discussed COVID vaccines. Rodgers has been voraciously criticized for declining to take any of the COVID vaccines.

The two discussed the left-leaning corporate media’s promotions of vaccinations as the solution to the global pandemic.

They also discussed the politicians who broke their draconian mandates — primarily in Democrat-ran cities and states.

“I hope there are lessons learned in this because this is a new thing,” Rogan said.

“We had never had this before. No one who is alive today has ever experienced a true pandemic, and I’m hoping — that now that this is over — people are going to recognize that some serious errors were made and not repeat those, ” Rogan added.


When Rogers asked Rogan what he would tell the people who have lost their livelihoods due to the government forcing such mandates, Rogan said to ‘vote Republican”.

Like Rogan, large numbers of democrats and independents are also upset at the draconian policies put in place during the pandemic by radicals, especially in blue states.

According to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press, more than 1 million voters across 43 states have politically shifted towards the Republican Party.

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Rogan argued that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was right by keeping FL open by only implementing “reasonable” policies, like protecting the elderly and providing medical care for everyone.

“And everyone else should be able to do whatever you want to do and protect your freedom,” Rogan added.

Rogan also argued that the politicians who enacted such detrimental pandemic policies would not face any consequences.

“Nothing,” Rogan said, “And no accountability for these decisions that show there was no science.”


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