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Joe Biden Needs Help From Kamala To Finish Sentence – Calls Her “President Harris” Again ( Videos)

Once again the president of the United States called his VP, president, and needed help from others in finishing a sentence.

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Joe Biden spoke Thursday at the White House on new “border security” measures before his trip to El Paso on Sunday.

During his remarks, Biden once again had brain fog set in leading him to call Kamala Harris “President Harris.”

The NY Post points out the oldest-ever president has made the same error in public on at least five prior occasions.

In October, Biden called Harris a “great president” while wishing her a happy birthday.

Last January, Biden referred to the veep as “President Harris” during a speech in Georgia, in which he also falsely claimed he was arrested multiple times fighting for civil rights.

In December 2021, Biden told students of a historically black college in South Carolina that “of course President Harris is a proud Howard alum.”

Afterward, as he left the room with Harris in tow, CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond called out a question to Biden on whether he was still following the Speaker vote in the House of Representatives. Biden turned to answer but got lost in the middle of his response and asked Harris for help. Harris supplied a word to finish the sentence which Biden then repeated.

Less than two months after taking office, Biden in March 2021 referred to “President Harris” while celebrating the US nearing the milestone of 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses being administered.

In December 2020, after winning the presidential election, Biden referred to his running mate as “President-elect Harris” while discussing how she publicly received a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Afterward, as the 80-year-old declining man left the room with Harris following closely behind him, CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond called out a question to Biden on whether he was still following the Speaker vote in the House of Representatives.

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Several White House reporters posted about Biden’s response to Diamond’s question, including Diamond himself.

In what was an oversight at best, the left-leaning reporter omitted an important detail, “how can I say it?”

Diamond, “I asked Biden if he’s still monitoring the Speaker’s race. “I’m following with great…” he said, pausing to look at VP Harris. “Attention,” she suggested. “Attention,” he said.”

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs, “Asked if he’s still monitoring @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy battle for US House speaker, Biden tells us he’s “following with great—how can I say it?” @VP Kamala Harris chimed in: “attention.” Biden echoed: “attention.”

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