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Clueless Joe Declares ‘By and Large’ Positive Support for Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates

Once again President Joe Biden made headlines by making unsubstantiated comments when speaking to the liberal media.

Biden spoke about vaccine mandates after he returned to the White House on Tuesday evening from his campaign trip to the West Coast to support California Gov. Gavin Newsom, currently in a fight against a recall election.

Even with a very close recall vote underway, basement Joe somehow determined there was overall positive support for coronavirus vaccine mandates — and that Americans opposing them were a “small percentage.”

Biden said he felt that it was a sign that Americans supported his controversial mandates announced last week for businesses over 100 employees to require their workers to get vaccinated.

“There’s a positive support for mandates – by and large,” Biden said to reporters after he exited Marine One. “There’s always going to be a small percentage that say no.”

The reality is the Biden administration should not take the recall vote as support for his draconian unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Breitbart reports the support for the Biden mandate is split down party lines.

According to exit polls in the state released Tuesday night, independent voters were split 50-50 on Newsom’s recall, as Democrats rallied with 94 percent choosing not to recall the governor.

Eighty-five percent of voters who believed that vaccines were a personal choice voted to recall Newsom, while 83 percent of voters who voted against his recall said vaccines were a public health responsibility.

An overwhelming number of Democrats who voted against the recall election appeared to support Newsom’s draconian coronavirus restrictions.

Eighty-two percent of California voters who voted against the Newsom recall believe his policies for coronavirus are not strict enough.

Come on Man, stop talking Joe. The fake news you are expounding is getting old.

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